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The Epic Win

I've been very excited about the upcoming release of Rebecca Mayes' first album "The Epic Win". The official release date is May 28th, but it is already available for download. Check out her videos on the Escapist for an idea of what to expect.

I've spoken before about how I wish more people would discuss games from their unique viewpoint. It's difficult to think of a better example. From game reviews to discussions of game culture in general, Rebecca Mayes unashamedly puts forward her own perspective. I find her vision valuable and inspiring.

It's difficult to pinpoint my favourite album songs. I really appreciate the important message in 'The Mirror', reminding us not to be downtrodden by poor body image. I love seeing my favourite game series in song ('UFO', based on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories). I love seeing games I probably wouldn't appreciate in themselvses turned into something beautiful ('Revenge' from Wet; 'Shadows' based on Velvet Assassin). Pacifist ideas are utilised in tracks such as 'Don't Shoot Them' (Resident Evil 5) and 'Batman's Tea Party', which may seem strange in an often violent medium like gaming, but it's all part of the individual character and appeal.

When looking at games in this way there seems to be a lot to critisise. Issues involving body image and idenity; violence and power dynamics; disconnection from physical reality and so on. These issues are all present and commented on. But overall I get a feeling of beauty and hope. I am always happy to see more of gaming's unique voices, and involving music is definitely a bonus.