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A Fresh Start

Shallow Depths has been quiet for a long time but I'm finally back with a new site and renewed enthusiasm. The old posts have been transferred over, in most of their embarrassing glory. The comments didn't survive the trip, but I never liked you people much anyway.

My circumstances have changed a lot this year, and I have added a donate button to the sidebar. I'm not kidding myself this is a realistic money making strategy. Honestly, I'll be surprised if I get any supporters, but at the moment small amounts do count towards keeping the site running. I'm not entirely comfortable about it, honestly. Rest assured, I don't plan to start actively asking for money.

I went through blogging phases of quickly posting anything that came into my head, followed by never being satisfied with anything and posting nothing. I hope I'm in a better position now to settle into a happy medium. I'm still not committing to a posting schedule, but I have a backlog of ideas right now so expect at least weekly posts in the short term. Some of it might be a bit dated but I'm sure we'll cope.

Thank you to everyone who stops by. It's good to be back.