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No April Fools Day

As may be obvious I avoided making an "April Fool's" post here. That probably puts me in the minority among gaming blogs.

I may just be a spoilsport, but I don't really see the attraction in trying to trick people into believing untrue things. Admittedly, the gaming posts tend more towards the ridiculous, and probably create (at least potential) humour without people needing to be taken in. But I'd still be very wary of taking part in that particular tradition.

Did you find any prank-posts that you thought were actually amusing this April Fool's Day?

More disturbing are posts like this one from last year on game pranks to play on friends.

It warns:

many of these jokes can be quite mean. They involve playing on gamers' deepest fears. So if you decide to attempt one, don't be surprised if it causes a rift in your friendship.

Thank you for that. I might not have realised what an arsehole I was being otherwise...