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Real Life Gaming Adventures

Recently I went to a birthday party for my former Word of Warcraft guild leader. The party was interesting. I'd met him in person before, but not often. I felt old to be attending an 18th, but not to worry. There were a great many WoW-related presents, as you might expect. Singing Happy Birthday was also appended with "For the Horde!". I feel this improves it greatly. Gaming takes you to some unexpected places sometimes.

My name "Cha" was originally taken from my Warcraft character Cha'kwaina (Tauren Shaman). Meeting someone's mother who also wanted to call me Cha was unexpected, but appreciated. I never really considered the community I might encounter when I started gaming online, and in the end I found a kind of family. I moved away from WoW, but won't forget the connections I made.

On the way to the party we picked up a copy of MadWorld. The guy behind the counter asked if it was for me or my partner, and when I said both of us he seemed to consider finding a "girl who likes to kill" a good deal. I decided to take this as a compliment, despite being rather archaic. I forget that my habits are not completely normal until someone points it out to me.