cordial minuet


Completing the Ritual

Posted by Cha

Cordial Minuet is a two-player game inspired by Texas Hold'em poker, but completely skill-based to avoid potential legal issues. The quick tutorial video explains the rules much better than I would.

Most of the coverage doesn't seem to know what to make of Cordial Minuet. Gambling and indie video games don't typically mix. People's reactions might stretch to "that's interesting" but more rarely to "I want to play".

Something Inhuman

Admittedly, if I didn't already know at least something about the game designer Cordial Minuet would be a dubious prospect. The introductory webpage has a deliberately dark, cluttered design featuring occult symbols and magic spells. It reads like mystical get-rich-quick propaganda. It's funny, I think, but that doesn't do much to lighten the mood.