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Cha's Games of the Year 2015. RymdResa

Posted by Cha

RymdResa (literally just space travel in Swedish) is one of the smaller, less well known games to make an impression on me this year, and probably one of the most flawed. But it fits into a category I'm particularly fascinated with. That is, games using roguelike and related mechanics for less typical genres or to create different moods.

I love roguelikes, or at least am fascinated with them, but even with the broader range of roguelites and roguelike-likes, they remain heavily associated with dungeon crawls and specific kinds of tension. The third genre label I could throw in there is "procedural death labyrinth", after all. That's clear enough. I want to see other kinds of stories here.


What Do You Play?

Posted by Cha

It probably shouldn't surprise me when someone asks about the sorts of games I like to play, but the question stalls me. Not because I'm the least bit uncomfortable about my game-habits, but because it's a surprisingly complicated question.

I can talk about genre labels, but they tend to be both broad and fuzzy. And honestly, I do play a lot of different games. I'm tempted to use the word eclectic, but I'm pretty sure there's only one hentai game in my back catalogue so surely I can't be all that eclectic. Something to work on, maybe.

If you've asked me about the games I play you probably would have been happy with a simple answer. "Mainly wRPG and action-adventure", perhaps. Maybe I could list some favourites. Accurate, as far as it goes, but I often prefer to discuss the genre overlaps and difficult-to-classify oddities.