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Adventure Gaming

Posted by Cha

I've been getting back into playing old adventure games recently. I suppose I've played quite a lot of them over the years. It used to be one of the few genres I had a chance of finishing (along with RPGs). Thankfully, my reflexes have improved and this is no longer the case.

It is no real surprise that Day of the Tentacle is worth the time. It is also no real surprise that a lot of the other adventure games I have sitting around are rather ordinary -- Mystery of the Druids is fast becoming my least favourite game of all time.

What is a surprise is the experience I'm having with Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail. This was meant to give me something to giggle at when the weather was unpleasant and my brain had regressed significantly. Plus I've never played a Larry game and, well, it was there. But I'm actually surprisingly impressed by it.