LittleBig Your Turn

Posted by Cha

I have an article up on Screen Play today. It was fun to write, and looks at playing games with my parents.

There always seem to be more layers to uncover where family is concerned. There is another half to the story. It involved me becoming traumatised, and I haven't played Uncharted since for fear of association. Shame really, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the beginning.

But I'm sure no one wants to hear the details of my Mum's knack for pushing buttons, or the kinds of things that can happen when I'm hormonally unbalanced.

Such is life, and it doesn't invalidate anything I wrote in that article. And when I say I'll take any victories I can find, I really mean it.


Bohemian Reviews

Posted by Cha

I love discovering different approaches to game reviewing.

40 Ounces, 1 Game seems to be inactive, but I approve of the premise:

I’m going to purchase a 40oz bottle of beer, and drink it while playing a computer game that I haven’t played before – and then, the following day, I’ll write about it based on notes taken in a progressively inebriated state.

I feel like it's an idea with potential, at least. Someone should start up a new site with a similar theme. Go on, you know you want to. Preferably someone who knows there should be a space between '40' and 'oz'. I'm not an experienced enough writer to be a proper Grammar Nazi, but units of measurement bring it out in me. Better yet, why not review games while drinking appropriate drinks from The Drunken Moogle. I'd read it.