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The One True Path

Posted by Cha

I'm not the sort of person who plays individual games more than once, and not just because I don’t have time for my backlog as it is. I find sticking with a single playthrough is usually the most satisfying option, even if it means missing out on content.

(Insert obvious exception for rogue-likes, or other games where repeated play is inherently important).

There are several reasons to only play once, other than the obvious desire to try something new. There can be good reasons to seek out a more complete experience of a game too, don’t get me wrong, but I'm not sure everyone respects what this risks leaving behind.


When Not to Sidequest

Posted by Cha

'Roleplaying Game' is one of those awkward genre labels meaning different things to different people. I don't have a good personal definition, but one element I consider to be at the core of RPGs is questing.

It's a little contrived, but somehow I love being bossed around and completing tasks for people. Preferably something more involved than being asked to kill ten wolves, but World of Warcraft is the only game I've played where grinding quests were quite so ridiculously blatant and over-used. Usually quests are a bit more interesting, and reveal pieces of the world and its inhabitants I wouldn't see otherwise.

I'll usually happily do whatever characters ask, even when it gets silly. I'm supposed to be on a critical mission, but apparently still have time to rescue someone's cat, or run an errand. I don't usually question it much. There's a time to question game conventions and motivations, and a time to just be satisfied that I'm enjoying myself.


Non-Sexual Nudity

Posted by Cha

What makes character design sexualised?

I've been thinking about this question a lot recently. I've encountered a few game characters lately who show a lot of skin, but don't imply (to me) that sex was objective of their design. I find this quite encouraging, but of course not everyone sees these particular examples in the same way.

It's possible that being a straight female makes it easier for me to see female nudity (or semi-nudity) as something other than sexual, but I suspect that's being unfair. It's also quite possible I'm just horribly naïve, but even if my examples turn out to be poor the idea remains interesting.

Some people do continue to complain about nudity in painting and sculpture, but there's mainstream acceptance of the artistic merits. I don't see any reason games shouldn't also be capable of meaningful exploration of the human form.


Spoiler Territory

Posted by Cha

With a large pile of unfinished games spoilers are always a potential issue. I am pretty far along the spoiler-hating spectrum. I avoid trailers, and sometimes even refuse to read book blurbs. I realise that's pretty extreme, and I don't actually expect anyone to be that considerate. I've had to learn to make allowances, but I am still reasonably choosy about the information I read.

If I care strongly about a particular game I'll prioritise playing it, and be careful about what I read online. Normally this works out fine.