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Crosses All over the Dormitory

Posted by Cha

The first time I heard the song Crosses by José González I was driving home.

I don't like to drive but I had honours fieldwork. 2004 was a year of pushing through and doing whatever needed to be done. My journey would take me almost 200 km west of the city, where I could see miles of paddocks, and wind turbines just visible in the distance. I'd visit the sorts of places where other drivers always wave, and you need to put a wheel in the dirt to squeeze past. I felt more comfortable in those quiet rural areas, on bumpy or unsealed roads similar to the places where I first learnt to drive. But they always come with a dose of melancholy. It can get lonely out on the plains.


The Epic Win

Posted by Cha

I've been very excited about the upcoming release of Rebecca Mayes' first album "The Epic Win". The official release date is May 28th, but it is already available for download. Check out her videos on the Escapist for an idea of what to expect.

I've spoken before about how I wish more people would discuss games from their unique viewpoint. It's difficult to think of a better example. From game reviews to discussions of game culture in general, Rebecca Mayes unashamedly puts forward her own perspective. I find her vision valuable and inspiring.