Day and Night

Posted by Cha

Culture is full of binary concepts. Good and evil. Male and female. Mind and body (or was that body and soul?). These binaries condense the world so far they erase people and their messy realities. I have angry gut reactions against the ubiquity of trying to split things in half. Tale of Tales' Sunset, then, is a small miracle. My evidence that stories formed around the number two don't have to be cheap.

Duality is at the heart of everything.


Dragon Age Origins: Initial Impressions

Posted by Cha

I love character creation. I can happily fiddle with sliders for hours trying to create something I'm happy with (and get a sense of their personality while I'm at it). Dragon Age is a good place to look for customisation, though I gather some other games have recently done an even better job.

We have the usual starting point: male or female? I've recently been spoilt by Demon's Souls which has a slider bar for gender, allowing you to be androgynous or anywhere you like along a spectrum. I thought that was pretty awesome, and I sighed a little at returning to the binary choice here. It was expected, though.