Mundus Vult Decipiti

Posted by Cha

The version of me who lives in Stardew Valley stood awkwardly in a corner as couples paired off for the springtime Flower Dance. I fidgeted and stared daggers at my crush's preferred dance partner. Clearly I needed to up my game.

In a life sim, building relationships becomes a mix of kindness coins and time management. I knew what I was signing up for if I wanted to start courting.

It's all part of the fantasy. Just like I can grow all the best crops, reel in the biggest fish and be the bravest adventurer in the land. I can have whatever I'm willing to work for, including friendship, love and sex (but almost always in that order).


Day and Night

Posted by Cha

Culture is full of binary concepts. Good and evil. Male and female. Mind and body (or was that body and soul?). These binaries condense the world so far they erase people and their messy realities. I have angry gut reactions against the ubiquity of trying to split things in half. Tale of Tales' Sunset, then, is a small miracle. My evidence that stories formed around the number two don't have to be cheap.

Duality is at the heart of everything.


The Challenge of Dinner Date

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This post is part of the Blogs of the Round Table at Critical Distance, on the topic of "Challenge".

Julian Luxemburg waits anxiously in his apartment for his date to show up. She never will. We know this, and since we're sitting in Julian's subconscious he likely knows it too, deep down, but we have to go through the motions anyway. We're in a narrow kitchen with a small dining table off to one side.

Intimate, you might say.

Or cramped.

Everything is in place and there's nothing left to do but wait. It's a simple space, but carefully tidied and arranged for this moment. The table's set for two, with empty wine bottles forming a candle holder and flower vase. Soup bubbling on the stove, crusty bread, and a decent drop of Merlot.

Because he wanted everything to be nice for her.

Because he's lonely and wants to get inside her knickers.


Romance and Disability

Posted by Cha

A recent conversation with a friend about Mass Effect 2...

Me: I wish Joker were a romance option.
R: You'd break him.
Me: You can have romance without sex, you know.
R: Yes, but that would be mature. And it's only an M-rated game.

That should tecnically be MA15+ rather than M, but I decided not to misquote. Despite my issues with the maturity debate I was amused.

Joker has become one of my favourite game characters. I am coming from an able-bodied perspective, but to me he seems a great example of including disability in gaming. He doesn't feel token, and his problems seem to be just an element of the character rather than his reason for existing. He is a highly skilled pilot and valued crew member. Plus, he is voiced by Seth Green. I suspect that's been acting on me subconsciously for a while.



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Recently, I had a nice, relaxing evening to myself. I caught up on The Guild, played some Dragon Age, and generally bummed around. Sometimes that's all I really need.

I'm not very good at motivating myself to cook for one, so I wandered down the street to get a veggie burger for dinner. All well and good, until someone decided to pester me on the way home. It's quite common for people to stop and ask for directions from their cars. I get flustered because I'm not great at directions, but I usually do my best. I really did not need an incident to put me further off the experience.