sleep is death


Guest Reviewing

Posted by Cha

News today is that I have a guest review of Sleep is Death on Game People. Game People is a site aimed at providing intentionally anecdotal and subjective game reviews from different types of people. So, I fit in there and am intending to write more reviews for them in the future. This will (and has been) impacting my post frequency here, but isn't the death of my blogging by any means.

Sleep is Death was a strange game, and I'm feeling a bit mixed about my review of it. That is perhaps appropriate, since I was also pretty mixed about playing it. I'm very glad not all games require quite so much work from me.


Sleep Is Death

Posted by Cha

I have often pondered the character dilemma in computer RPGs. Either you are given a fixed character to play, with a relevant story but less personal input. Or, you create your own character but the story needs to be generic enough that their personality doesn't matter all that much. Basically, Planescape: Torment versus Baldur's Gate.

Sure, the moral choice systems and character development have improved over the years, but personality and story options remain fairly limited. That doesn't make these games terrible, and it's something I would generally accept. If I want a more customisable experience I probably won't look to computer games for that. But can that flexible story actually be achieved in video gaming?