tomb raider


Raiding Tombs

Posted by Cha

I have a special place in my heart for the original Tomb Raider game, but Lara Croft and I have never exactly been friends. People have talked a lot about how the third person view is used for sexualisation and the straight male gaze. For me, being so clearly separate from her made us enemies instead. Lara herself became as much a barrier to overcome as any spike pit or rampaging bear. Inside my head challenges became a battle to get her to follow my intended instructions. If she missed a jump, or hit up against a wall with an "oof" it was all her fault.

(Tangent: Is it possible for a game to include female groans or grunts without someone describing them as orgasmic? Women in action roles are going to make sounds of exertion or pain sometimes, deal with it.)