Mostly Harmless?

Posted by Cha

So, I played through Spec Ops: The Line. Actually, that's inadequate. I studied Spec Ops: The Line: picked at it, turned it over, bit down and sucked out the gooey, uncomfortable marrow. It's all a bit too trendy, maybe. I don't usually play military shooters so I've just been following the breadcrumbs critics have been scattering for quite a while now. I was a tourist in the ruins of Dubai, not quite sure what I was looking for.


Rainblood Review

Posted by Cha

My latest review is for Rainblood: Town of Death. It's a cool little game, but explaining that proved more challenging than I expected.

I've been working a lot on my approach to reviewing recently, so I feel a bit mixed about my previous reviews going live. I notice things I didn't at the time. Game People are always happy to change things when I ask, but there's a point where I just need to let go and put it down to experience.

I also wrote this before the 'Microcosm Gamer' angle was really pinned down, so that stuff feels a bit tacked on. Or maybe it's just because those bits are not quite my words.


Adult Entertainment

Posted by Cha

I've been pondering some ideas about mature entertainment. In particular, about people who will argue that something simple containing a lot of sex and/or violence is far more childish than a deeper story that is suitable for all-ages. The word "vacuous" gets used a lot to similar effect, as people glorify their own more-refined tastes.

This feels a bit inadequate to me. I see the distinction, but the value judgement included in the classification bothers me. There are a lot of multi-layered or otherwise complicated creations that I have very much enjoyed. At the same time, there is a lot to be gained from simplicity. I also find a lot of interest in things that appear simple, but looked at from another angle really are not. It's amazing how often people fail to look for that other angle.