the witcher

I'm starting with the obvious choice. It's difficult for anything else to compete with this for me. And not just because I have a Geralt-crush, although maybe that too.

I'll admit I was worried about how The Witcher 3 was going to turn out. I loved the first two Witcher games, but was sceptical about expanding it to such a huge open world. Big-budget games are full of the constant need to be bigger and better, and cram more stuff into each iteration of a series. Coolness tends to trump things like remaining coherent and supporting interesting themes.


Witcher Review

Posted by Cha

My latest Game People review is for The Witcher.

I've been intending to say more about The Witcher than just about the sex. A lot of it went into that review, which I really enjoyed writing. It's really more analysis than review, even by my usual standards.

I may just have played too much D&D, but neutrality is actually a personally important concept to me.

What I want to mention briefly is a mistake I made. In that review I use "who" to refer to monsters. I do consider it a mistake, but as errors go it's kind of perfect. After all, it's really the whole point. The scariest monsters are not external to humanity -- they are created from it.


Witcher Sex

Posted by Cha

My favourite current-generation RPG so far is The Witcher, and I'm really looking forward to the sequel.

Unfortunately, Geralt's sexual exploits got rather more attention than the rest of the game. It's not really the part I'm most interested in. But I'm getting it out of the way first with this post, since it seems to come up whenever this game is discussed.

Geralt is infertile and immune to disease, but his promiscuity remains potentially quite emotionally reckless. And I will admit it's pretty tacky to reduce sexual intimacy to a series of collectable playing cards. It was widely labelled as yet another game trying to call itself mature, while including sex in a gratuitous, sexist, and immature way. I have a slightly different take on this.