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Gaming communities are not well known for their inclusiveness, but how bad are they really? Which of the major sites are doing better or worse? Those are big questions to fully tackle, so I can only scratch the surface a little. You might call this a (very) rough pilot study about non-inclusive language in mainstream game blogs.

I looked through posts from this year at Joystiq and Kotaku. I was planning to analyse Destructoid too, but their search functions are inadequate for the purpose. From what I could see Destructoid are a pretty bad offender though. They sometimes excuse language in the name of satire (e.g., Gears of War is Gay). Satire can be used to reclaim language and highlight the ridiculousness of its use, but in these cases I don't think it's very clever or effective.


Rainblood Review

Posted by Cha

My latest review is for Rainblood: Town of Death. It's a cool little game, but explaining that proved more challenging than I expected.

I've been working a lot on my approach to reviewing recently, so I feel a bit mixed about my previous reviews going live. I notice things I didn't at the time. Game People are always happy to change things when I ask, but there's a point where I just need to let go and put it down to experience.

I also wrote this before the 'Microcosm Gamer' angle was really pinned down, so that stuff feels a bit tacked on. Or maybe it's just because those bits are not quite my words.