>> reporter: did you ever meet him? i never thought of leaving. >> reporter: every two and a half years a mysterious death, deemed each time to be an accident. and she says that, "trish fell in the pool. >> right. here's the very difficult part of your story. hello, i'm dara brown. $$9.95? >> he would give this terrible grin that just looked evil. jennifer found them just the right parcel, but even after turning over the keys, there was something about that lou castro guy, that emily's mom found, irresistible. she truly believed that he was this person. >> we tried every piece of dinner ware but were unsuccessful. he would just go and pick one out, say, "all right. thanks to move free ultra i keep up with this little one. >> reporter: growing up near kansas city, missouri, the two sisters sara and emily had about as normal a life as any suburban girls in the midwest. that summer, 2001, their mom jennifer was showing houses to a new client, a man named lou castro who, with his long hair, and western hat, looked for all the world like a well-heeled young cowboy. and if someone trys we'll let you know. >> reporter: whatever that meant, in 2003, after trish's death in the swimming pool, emily and her sister sara weren't the only ones trying to make sense of it all. who are you? >> and that's in essence what daniel perez told the jury. >> no, i wanted to take care of him. Zion's Angels Landing hike is a 5-mile round trip trail that starts at the Grotto trailhead. literally in this case, homicide, the hand of another. >> it was. i am hundreds off years old. >> and the guy you knew as lou castro was the cult leader. >> i never told them anything. and president trump says u.s. and china has come to it a partial trade agreement and requires china to purchase u.s. agricultural products. rugged territory. >> saying you guys really need to look at this guy, lou castro? >> they believe he shored up his alibi tell itting heir that with his powers as a seer, he had put her in a time warp, convincing her for many years she wasn't even at the pool when trish drown. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at trelegy.com sleep number 360 smart bed. >> sarah says you raped her hundreds of times. she had just bought a little yorkie and for the past couple of weeks she had been happy. i thought this was a no by-products call? hopeless. but not long after, something went terribly wrong. use this valuable guide to record your important information and give helpful direction about your final wishes to your loved ones. the wreckage had been found. >> that's extremely unusual, especially in this day and age because usually everybody has a trail. >> if you said no, i'm not going to take that video camera and go eto the little girl? >> i loved her. ir with your parents. >> he related to us how lou castro and the others had moved to a residence in columbia, tennessee. >> as emily tells it, brian was visiting family in south dakota. there were more crimes to reveal. i like guarantees. >> reporter: emily being the princess didn't always sit well with sister sara. >> no. >> reporter: just like that, in the fall of 2001. emily, sara and their mom were packing up a u-haul and heading out for a fresh start to life. >> reporter: but angels landing gnawed at a county detective. so roll up those sleeves. and trish -- who was married to brian and had a baby daughter -- took care of the home. and very helpful. >> does that change your interest in the case? >> reporter: as the family commune tried to come to terms with the tragedy, trish's husband brian embraced his little daughter closer; and gradually, they all got on with their lives. brand power. it was like in the mountains. and she said that mona and lindsey had left on a plane, and the plane had never reached its destination. >> which is exactly what law enforcement was doin' on the outside of all this, trying to, look in and figure out where the puzzle lay. he tells me that if my mom would have only been on the plane, that he says, you know "i would have taken your sister and we would have left." that could allow hackers devices into your home.ys and like all doors, they're safer when locked. . the thought of leaving was. >> but you didn't want to meet either of these? so what does the dishwasher do? >> i was just pretty much just tired of me carrying all that information myself. first degree. >> he enjoyed the pain. one of the officers in the county dated one of the women there for while, huh? >> reporter: so the sisters will never forget that awful day in june 2003. emily just 11-years-old found herself standing by the swimming pool. there was lots of parties. that would be more that i had lost. he will stop at nothing, including murder and rape and he didn't stop at anything to get what he wanted. i do. that's a difference you can feel. that's impossible. we're like "where did we pick up a brother?" >> that was me. >> he said that lindsey wasn't supposed to die. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? Daniel Perez, 55, was also found guilty of 27 other counts that included allegations of sexual abuse of minors during his time as the leader of a Wichita, Kansas, commune known as Angels Landing. oh, we got a wobbler. >> kind of my way or the highway? castro and his common law wife answered the it door. i cant prove anything. they were of age and of willing consent. they took off from rapid city. >> reporter: not long before trish's death, the sisters met 15-year-old cody griffith from texas, who'd also once been on the fringes of the family commune. just someone who is extremely loving, very accepting. >> that's kind of flattering to. and at the center of it all -- the man who called himself lou. >> the mystery of lou castro, his true identity. >> it was an amazing story when ron told me. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. you got to leave your neighborhood, your playmates, your class kids. he received another 33 years for the other charges. of us and make sure we were always safe. >> had you ever heard that name? i'm dara brown. lou's name. emily tookthem back to 2003. this was a different story than she told when she was 11 and it began with a prediction eerily similar to the one she made during her mom's death. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. >> i'm natalie morales. that was the first time i had ever seen him cry. i got three horses. >> he corrected us and told us he was not joe but lou castro. >> trish had been kind of a mother of the house, the way you talk about her. you've all just had lunch a few hours before. you get really excited and he wastleing us he would take care. Tonight on NBC’s Dateline NBC, Dennis Murphy seems to be into the case of cult chief Daniel Perez, often known as Lou Castro, who advised his followers at Angel’s Touchdown that he was a 1,000-year-old angel who might see the longer term and heal their accidents. >> they called it "angels landing," a special place for a chosen few. it's what you do. >> kind of. i loved him quite a bit and so i can did it. and you did it her way. were you pleased at the it prospects int tennessee? >> the tech guys couldn't come up with it. let's hide behind the chainsaws. i see her laying there, my dad is kneeling. >> uh-huh. this is lifetime coverage as long as you pay your premiums. it would make anyone a monster. >> reporter: and imagine you hope that somebody's crawled out of the wreckage and they've got some food and water and they're in a little tent waiting for search and rescue to find them but -- >> that's the only thing i could pray for. >> her sister went to the missouri state highway patrol to express their belief that this, in fact, was a murder. >> he tried another fingerprint ploy. >> did you believe it? [conference phone] baloney! once the photos are out of of the envelope he moves them with his fingernails and doesn't pick them up by his fingers. >> castro's abuse was backed up by demonic threats. >> and that would recharge the, batteries of the angels hundreds of thousands off years old. love for your gut. sports cars? and one evening, she went out and met a guy. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. and mouse. it's what you do. a few months after their mother's death in the 2008 car crash, emily and sara were traumatized when lou announced a move to tennessee. so she would come around when somebody was going to die. >> reporter: still it was hard for the family to put trish's death behind them. >> uh-huh. >> yes. she could exhale at last. >> do you think there's more to it than a simple plane crash? >> reporter: she told the operator that trish's toddler had fallen in to the pool, and when trish had tried to save her little girl she slipped backwards. it happened suddenly. >> instead she started talking to investigators. >> reporter: maybe he had old family money, was an inheritance guy. >> yeah. $9.95? Angel's Landing was a community of free-spirits with Lou Castro at its center. >> so you hand the glossy 8x10s to the guy who you believe is lou castro. one thing was adding up, the death toll of commune members. >> it didn't smell right. so, i mean, we were close, but we fought like siblings. a huge comfort. gotta love it. and my dad was always there for dinner and things like that it seemed like. dad too who was anguished when he heard his daughters' stories for the it first time. goodwyn sat in the restaurant, watched and waited. no. >> what about the instructions with sarah the video camera. that's simple. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. so a lot of it is kind of a kid's dream, huh? leave with a plan. it turns out trish, monnau and lindsey and emily and sarah's mother who died in a car crash had all two things in com. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is now only $1,399. coming up the discovery that would break the case wide open. >> devastated. >> car dealer? >> yes, sir. >> it was usually really late at night and so she would be sleeping in her house. >> and it lists myself, my two sisters, and her brother lou. >> did you like her? but they would go to lunch often. ends monday. just as goodwyn was feeling stuck, another tragedy was about to shake angels landing. >> reporter: emily might have gone to live with their father, but she remained with the commune. and i was in his bed every night. right? here's to progress. and lou and i were gonna go to davis moore. >> yeah, pretty much. like people that we've already died, he could see those people too. and he started driving me to my house and i said, dad, we have. >> reporter: he knew exactly what you were doing? shhhh. this was a good idea. >> reporter: brian was dead. >> you put together a remarkable letter for the f.b.i. he manipulated family members into using their own names to buy all that real estate and lavish toys. >> did you believe it? >> many corvettes, a few dodge vipers. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. the nemesis of detective ron goodwin who would not give up his real name was behind bars after conit fesing to id fraud but he was just getting started. >> reporter: lou and sara raced back home to angels landing, where police and emts were already on the scene. so we went and played with the, kittens in the shop and i waited. when lisa paid a short visit to try to help find her sister and niece, lou was in constant touch with search and rescue. that mocks you a monster. >> i did. that's why you need xfinity xfi. >> amber was the angel of death. take the ultra challenge. y difficult part of your story. keep what you watch with you. she would take me to the pool every day during the summer. i'm not gettin' in the car"? >> reporter: detective goodwyn decided he was going to have to find a new angle on the enigma of angels landing and lou castro even if he had to work around the clock. >> but you don't get blamed for. >> that was in his powers? >> right. and i knew something wasn't right. so he was on the lam. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. >> there's nothing you can say. >> and the d.a. about three hours it was back with a vurblgt. >> amber was the it angel of death. you're gonna go with us?" -not this. that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. >> and the baby was in trouble in the pool, and that you rescued the baby but you, couldn't help? >> we still did not know who he was. >> i'm no one in particular. >> no idea. the former u.s. ambassador, testified before congress. >> there were more witnesses. >> because by then he had two or three different properties? and he said this whole move was for me. >> my dad was devastated. i don't want to plant an idea here that -- that didn't exist. >> your child hood was stolen by this man. >> i think that there are people out there experiencinging similar things i did. like, that is how quickly. >> sarah and emily's whole terrifying saga began when she was 17 and emily 10. a supernatural world began to emerge after their mom got to know the man known as lou in 2001. >> reporter: you thought there was a lot of smoke around this guy, but you didn't know what exactly it was coming from? ask about prevention. >> if you didn't follow lou's way, what would he do to you? and then, a couple hours later, we got the call that he had been crushed underneath a car that he was fixing. >> i said i'm finally going where i want to go and doing the. mally was about to take the, detective back to the summer in 2003 when trigs hughes drowned in the swimming pool in 2010. coming up. >> we went to the pool. detective ron goodwyn believed that ron castro was involved in the deaths of six people. >> yeah. Season 28, Episode 40 Angels & Demons First Aired: August 7, 2020 When Lou Castro puts together a makeshift family at Angel's Landing, he … adults with weakened immune systems may have a lower response to the vaccine. it's not a yearly shot. stop the cycle of odors in your car with febreze car vent clips. you need come home. >> yeah. he realized that if he could find a way to generate capital without having to work, he could have access to whatever sorts of things his heart desired. and on the bottom because someone precpressed on the top of her head as she was under water. let's go to the cemetery! she would have not wanted me to do something i didn't wanna do. some light has to come out of all of this darkness. >> reporter: more vehicles? >> flashy. >> yeah. >> do you think you can see into the future? he took some glossy photos, walked up to castro's home, and he cooked up a story about burglaries in the neighborhood. even more ugly stuff. >> no. >> there aremany times my dad could have gave up on me and he never did. and as the clouds lifted over angels landing, shiny new rides appeared in the drive. >> he was found guilty on all 28 counts. and the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. >> reporter: but in south dakota, lou castro, a former navy plane mechanic, was on it. you were okay with that, huh? >> it's not that easy. >> at first, i was really upset. >> even when he got engaged and had a child, the abuse wasn't stopped, although emily was pushed out of the bedroom. >> probably close to. on October 12, 2019, amber was the angel of death. he missed his wife. trish was dead. i said i dont know who you are and he said i'm detective can goodwin. so, let's make this the summer of loving your gut. i followed them to a restaurant on the north end of town. >> i did. start with supporting your gut health. >> reporter: so she really was substitute mom in a lot of things, huh? guaranteed acceptance? >> and i was always with him so it wouldn't be weird for us to disappearer for an hour or two. dplrs i remember when ron finally got the fax from it texas and i said where did you, get that? >> yeah. Investigators were suspicious of the mysterious deaths happening there. >> he was very angry with me. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. >> and i just started researching all these deaths to try to figure out, you know, how much of it was related to this individual. glrs the sisters are now closer than ever and closer to their. i mean he didn't -- there was no way that he could explain to his son that his sister and mom are gone. >> after the investigators presented all their evidence, they waited until castro had completed his two-year federal prison sentence. >> thousands off miles apart. >> reporter: their mother's car had swerved in to the oncoming traffic. what baffled him most is he didn't know who the central man, lou castro, really was. hi, i'm jonathan, a manager here at colonial penn life insurance company, to tell you it is possible. >> but there it are a lot of of white hats throughout. jennifer the realtor and her two girls. >> she says lou began to set up the cleaning equipment for the pool a few feet away from the workshop. The man, who led a commune known as Angel's Landing, collected millions of dollars in life insurance payouts from dead members and was sentenced in 2015 at age 55 to life in prison. >> he had been crushed under a. vehicle.