"If you are again laughing at my newest interest in cooking, I'd like to remind you the true Rennisance man is a master of all disciplines, even the culinary"Ratigan slips for a moment, in his amusement, and betrays the illusion. i love the flaws ratigan finds in basil's disguise -- he's so right about all of it. Ratigan sets aside his glowing amber glass, and crosses the room to Basil . basil vs ratigan :) some close up The Great Mouse Detective Pixar Walt Disney Studios Disney Magic Pikachu Pure Products Memes Fictional Characters Gold Disney Villains Disney Pixar 9 ??? While contradictory, the essence of creation is ever-present, even undetectable. They are a gang of dimwitted ruffians who serve as Professor Ratigan's henchmen. When he saw Ratigan come closer Major icon love. "My dearest Basil, your little charade of normalcy has become one of your most charming traits." He is based on Professor James Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories. He would have thought that after telling Basil of Olivia's whereabouts, he would have had no more cards left to play. This scene is in Pokemon. I should have it finished tonight, along with a link to the video a youtube-vidder made for it. "Y-yes. Basil Vs Ratigan/Ratigan's Death. Scar Timmy Brisby V.S. by DetectiveKnight (Jazz) with 2,822 reads. Read Basil x F!Reader x Professor Ratigan from the story Disney Villains One shots and two shots! it ended. To hear his own voice in any other tongue but defiance would be a guilt too insufferable for Basil to bear. Ratigan has a variety of henchmen that follow him, including his overweight pet cat, Felicia, Bill the Lizard, a small mouse named Bartholomew, and his right-hand man, a peg-legged bat named Fidget. You…, Login and get off hot locals Go Here dld.bz/chwZQ, Omg. His main goal is to get Professor Ratigan behind bars and rescue Olivia Flaversham's father, while simultaneously preventing a royal assassination. "Dearly, tenderly, Ratigan dropped a kiss that surprised even himself at the tip of Basil's nose. Fragmentation - Ratigan/Basil - disturbing content/slash/violence, Fantasy in Pink (Newest Fill For Disney Kink). He needs space - now. "Oh." He wanted and needed something to fill the whistling hollow of his life and self.Ratigan filled him now.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When there is nothing else left, there is still something left. 1 Prince Anario vs. Zygon 2 Gus vs. Dustin McCann Sr. 3 Ray Kon Vs.The Joker 4 Lilo Pelekai vs Eris 5 Bart Simpson vs Sideshow Bob 6 Danny Fenton vs Masters 7 Basil vs. Ratigan … Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. This is a character, after all, who was more than willing to feed his own henchman to his cat all because he called him a “rat” (which he … "Oh of course. This takes place five years before the film starts. 3. Basil vs. Detective, Animal Hero Basil of Baker Street was a detective based on the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes and the main protagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. Basil began but a gag was suddenly stuffed into his mouth, stifling protests. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. "Oh, you want to lighten the load?" His sneer widening, he reached for something and Basil realised with a jolt, that it was the gag from before. Ratigan throwing Fidget. The red circle is … When he had the luxury of refusing it, the famous Basil of Baker Street was a private man who enjoyed his own space, but forcibly denied of it now - to have the only real friends he had ever made, gone - he wanted it. Ratigan Vs Jenner Stimul Follow 1120 Forum Posts 0 Wiki Points 0 Followers Reviews: 0 User Lists: 0 #1 Stimul Sudden Encounter. This Holmes vs. Moriarty hatred is reoccurring in many spin-offs, but it is arguably wrong, seeing as Moriarty was only present in a few books, and Holmes respected his intelligence, rather than hating him. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Basil and Dawson are pursued by a rolling wheel toy dog … Basil, Olivia, and Basil's assistant, Dr. Dawson, are part of an intricate city system of Victorian-era London mice. Then Ratigan ties to pedal the blimp himself, Basil jumps onto the blimp and it crashes into Big Ben. "Driving Basil's unprotected back deep into the splintering wood, he drove himself harder, higher into ectasy, feeling the great slithering beast of satisfaction, rear, bite, and seep sweet posion deep into his nerves.Brought back to the present, Ratigan danced his fingers along Basil's dear skull that harbored a brain glorious and broken. The way you did the characters is so perfectly awesome! One features Basil the Great Mouse Detective while the other has the villainous Ratigan. "Basil's cheery, confidant voice greets Ratigan as he lets himself into Basil's corridors with natural familiarity. The Thugs are supporting antagonists from Disney's 26th full-length animated featurefilm The Great Mouse Detective, which is based on the children's book series Basil of Baker Street by the late Eve Titus and the late Paul Galdone. "Only fair. " After years of chasing the nefarious Professor Ratigan, Basil has finally put him behind bars. The dynamics are very disturbing and very well written; poor Basil! Professor Ratigan is the main antagonist of Disney's 1986 animated feature film, The Great Mouse Detective. It is the job of the scientist to create things, not to dictate the morality of their use." Sadistic, cruel and devilish, he does not hesitate to insult his enemies, to brutalize his accomplices and Oh dear. There is a stutter in his brain, a skip as Ratigan's words roll over, gaining unwanted comprehension.Charade?The stiff muscle of his logic strains, and he frowns, noticing how close Ratigan has leaned over him.Charade, charade...He clears his throat, and starts to rise from his chair, setting tea cup aside. He struggled to catch his breath, gulping in gallons of oxygen. All of the friction of adjusting to his new life in Ratigan's deep and unyielding hold was poured into the making of music, and with his eyes shut and lips slack, he found release.Ratigan felt fondness grow, and tipped Basil's chin up. Ratigan: After I'm through with you, I have a score to settle with my nemesis! ""Of course you are. 12 Mabel Pines vs. Lord Dominator 13 Sunset Shimmer vs. "And I see that you are still ticking away at your fantasy-invention. That's down right seditious for a British King, don't you think so, Ratigan? In captivity, Basil has grown thinner, more fragile. VS. Negaduck 10 Ted Wiggins VS.??? Ratigan finds his pocket has been pilfered. Pausing as he pours himself a cup of tea, he smiles upon finding the perfect rebuttal. Inside the clock tower, Basil and Ratigan fight atop the gears of the clock tower, and with help from Olivia, Basil traps Ratigan by throwing his cape in the gears. Basil gives Ratigan a light smack on the arm, laughing. So let's just say that this was a wonderful piece of writing and leave it at that :). The two mice then escape, finally sending Ratigan … 8 Lightning McQueen VS.??? Maleficent Felicie Milliner V.S. Ratigan screams loud after he hears Basil calls him a sewer rat "Stay where you are, or the girl DIES!!"