Experience shows that sophisticated design and high-quality components significantly increase our big volume guns’ efficiency, resilience and durability. Sprinklers, Risers, Regulators Tapping Saddles Pumps & Accessories Filters Flanges Flow Meters Pressure Gauges Pressure Switches Priming Pumps Pump Control Panels PVC Fittings PIP Schedule 40 Surface, Gated Pipe Sprinklers Big Guns Impact Sprinklers Pressure Regulators Rotators Surface Irrigation Alfalfa Valves Control Valves Gates Hydrants or Best Offer. The 75 Series, 100 Series, 150 Series, and 200 Series Big Guns are available in both full and part circle options in varying trajectory angles, with coating options, add-on kits, and valve combinations. $60.00. $42.00 shipping. Over five years of developing the Komet Twin Ultra line, we carried out a worldwide test with 500 sprinklers. Today they are put through their paces. The 75 Series Big Gun® is a perfect fit for solid set irrigation, pivot end gun irrigation, sports field applications — to name a few. 3 3/4" WOBBLER SPRINKLERS PERFECT RAIN DROPLETS - 1.8 GPM @ 30 PSI = 45.5 FT! 150 Series Big Gun®. Volume gun systems usually consist of a large capacity sprinkler (big gun) mounted on a trolley that is moved across a field, spraying water. Agriculture; Environmental; Green Industry; Crop Specific; Choose your application and explore the full range of Nelson Irrigation products that apply. 2Inch Irrigation Spray Gun Sprinkler Gun Large 360° Adjustable Impact Area Water. Free shipping. This specialization, together with the most advanced machine tools, allows them to manufacture a wide range of sprinklers and rainguns of very high quality, the best technological level, and at the best prices. Big Gun Sprinklers; Section Menu. 150 Series The 150 Series is a perfect fit for solid set irrigation, traveler irrigation and dust suppression. $450.00. FInd Volume guns for sale on BigIron … Nelson Big Gun Irrigation Sprinkler F200. http://www.nelsonirrigation.com/products/family/big-gun-sprinklers/100-Series-Big-GunNelson Irrigation SR100 QC Big Gun sprinkler. The Nelson Big Gun® sprinkler is inherently versatile. or Best Offer. While it may be the smallest member of the Big Gun ® sprinkler family, it uses the same heavy duty lower bearing and rugged construction of the larger sprinklers. Free shipping. Nelson Big Gun® Sprinklers are ideal for a wide range of applications. The Nelson 75 Series Big Gun ® Sprinkler is available as a Full or Part Circle sprinkler in a variety of trajectories and connections. Sime Company has been working in the irrigation industry since 1950 and specializes only in sprinkler equipment. Local Pickup. $650.00. The workhorse for hose reel traveler irrigation, as well as solid set irrigation and industrial applications. $1,250.00. Nelson Big Gun Irrigation Sprinkler SR100 . 1 Rain Bird Big Gun Irrigation Water Cannon Sprinkler Pat# 3,580,507 nelson. With a full range of models available (download the brochure with model options), flow rates of 30-1200 GPM (6.8-275 m3/hr) can be achieved with maximum uniformity to match a variety of needs. The interchangeable Taper Ring Nozzle makes customizing the flow rate a breeze.