The good news is that extra stones could be bought separately if you wish to construct bigger displays. They have large contrasts in terms of colors and are first-rate enough to craft a pleasant ambiance for your pets. Pisces Fish and Coral. Approximate size range is 13-16cm for regular and 18-23cm for large shape dependent... From the remote Alpine rivers of the South Island of New Zealand come these amazing and rare rocks. Pisces 17 lb Seiryu Rock, Varies (20 customer review) $67.99 $45.63 FREE SHIPPING. The holes are adequately-sized so your Betta could glide in and out without the need to accidentally hit the sharp edges. When looking for rock decors for your tank, smell them first. Would you prefer to purchase something that looks like aquarium river rocks? These Cichlid stones come with a total of 6 big stones of 3 different versions and a total of 4 medium stones that also come in varying versions. It is stunning to see mosses as they aid make the aquarium appear like an impeccable fish zen. At first glance, they dont exactly go well together, one of them romantic, looking for their perfect love, while the other distant, looking for ways to set themselves free from all emotion. The rock wool itself does not contain any nutrients, but it is known to hold on to the nutrients in the water, which is heavily fertilized in the nursery. It’s one of the four legendary guardian spirits of ocean-side cities. This driftwood is by nature quite flat, it doesn’t have branches or tall... Mopani Wood is a beautiful two color driftwood from Namibia-Africa. Royal Imports  Decorative Polished Gravel River Pebbles Rocks, 3. Orders placed after this will be sent when we reopen on January 6. Many of them can be sources of food for various fish and provide a natural looking environment for the fish to thrive. An aquarium rock is commonly added to tanks to provide a natural-like environment to tank inhabitants. Pisces Pet Emporium is Calgary's most loved premium pet product supplier and sales center. Well, aquarium-sized boulders, that is. Your Price $79.99. Home > Aquarium Supplies > ... Pisces Seiryu Rock 40lb. Add To Cart. It is certainly nice to know that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you keep reptiles, these are good choices that differ in size and shape; however, there is a sufficient amount of larger-sized ones as well, not so round, gray and flat. Evidently, it is not recommended to take rocks from a seriously populated spot. With that, you can be guaranteed to give your tank occupants a great spot to hide and get out of the light whenever they prefer to. Even better, this small 20 lb rock fits into a number of aquarium sizes, too. CDN$107.98. This works superbly in embellishing your home, as a ground cover for indoor plants and when designing vases and bowls that are displayed in your dwelling place. The Aquarium Factory | Aquascaping Rocks. Made of multi layered Schist interlaced with Jade, Silver and Gold platina. ... What is an aquarium rock? So, they commonly serve more like a decoration in the tank. Compare. Pisces Aqua Natural Aquascape Rock 5kg Dragon $57.00 Dragon rock heralds from the remote hills of southern China. Aquatic Arts 5 B Grade Giant Marimo Moss Balls. These stones are quite sturdy in that they are made of risk-free and solid resin. This simply implies adequate lighting, proper filtration, fish that consume algae and consistent pH levels. For a fact, these are very well-known accents to tanks, terrariums, ponds as well as water gardens. Copyright © 2020 - Reefers Direct. All in all, VORCOOL Aquarium Sea Rock Cave Ornament is worth every single penny you pay for it. SevenSeaSupply 5 lbs. But, most of the pieces were quite thin. Limited quantity available / 178 sold. Compare. VORCOOL Aquarium Sea Rock Cave Ornament, 7. Slate. Aren’t these enough reasons why they are great items to invest in? ROCK PACK MAPLE 4KG $49.95. They are natural grey slates which are generally darker when drenched. These rocks will make a statement in any aquarium. Some fish feed themselves with algae from woods or rocks on their natural ecosystem. It is nice to know that this product does not solely focus on being a lovely embellishment in your tank but more especially it does serve very valuable purposes that benefit your tank inhabitants. 63 Reviews. Rocks can be beneficial in setting certain water parameters that your tank accounts especially require. Moreover, these are good bacteria that aid ward off toxic substances like nitrites and ammonia from tanks. Basically, it is easier to glue them together so you can instantly craft a hiding hub for your freshwater tank. "The worlds leading supplier of natural aquarium and reptile products" Contact Pisces USA 140 Thomas Drive, Gadsden, AL 35904 Tel: (833) 274 7237 When it comes to marine life and the aquariums that house them, we’re among the leading sources for the supplies you need to keep your saltwater tank operating in optimal condition. Aquarium Pumps. We’ll be closed this holiday season. Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium Reviews 2020, 1. Pisces 17lb Seiryu Rock for Aquascaping, Aquariums, Terrariums, Vivariums. These beautiful, natural gold vine pieces include an attached suction cup for ease of placement until it becomes waterlogged. These could also act as great bacteria colonies. Pisces Rock - Seiryu 8kg Box. Phone: 07 3374 3691. Petrified wood. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. About Us » New Dealer Application » Dealer Login » Free Shipping Info » Aquatic plants. This comes with natural dark gray in color and aids in enhancing the appearance of any tank. Surely, we always wish for a tank rock that can add beauty to our aquarium and at the same time can serve as our most cherished fish’s hiding and resting spot. Pisces Galaxy Rock Hardscape. They are hardscape types of stones that are specifically created by skillful designers to provide a more realistic presence that is ideal for Amano or Iwagumi kind of aquascaping. Search for appealing rocks that are colored red, pink and purple. To boot, an African Cichlids plus many other hard water originating freshwater fish are exclusions to where you could utilize calcareous rocks that do not contain salt. We all want to invest in products that are premium quality, low maintenance, economical and can stand the test of time. Choose rocks that have crevices and holes in them for these will serve as hiding or resting hubs for your tank occupants. These gorgeous layers of natural stone look fantastic in planted tanks. Each box will contain a mix of rock sizes, each box is unique and random in the... For millenia the Swamp Cyprus trees of Louisiana have adorned the vast and mysterious bayous and swamps of the deep south. Zoanthids, Torch Coral, Acropora, Montipora, Mushroom Coral, Hammer Coral, Chalice Coral, Blasto Coral. Collected by villagers out of rivers and clay hillsides, Dragon is one of the most unique and attractive aquascape rocks available. Aqualexs Aquarium Ohko Dragon Stone; 7. Seiryu Stone Rock Aquarium 4.6 out of 5 stars 5. The most typical advantage of adding rocks to your tank is for visual purposes. Aquarium Rocks; Pisces Rock - Seiryu 8kg Box; Hover over image to zoom. Be reminded that these kinds of rocks could be tremendously fatal to your tank occupants; therefore, stay away from them. Reefersdirect is reader-supported. (5lbs) ROCK PACK ZEBRA 8KG $79.95. Quartz. Keep in mind that while decorating your tank with various plants and rocks significantly help make the tank look more attractive, some of these may only disturb or put them in danger; hence, you’ve got to ensure that what you add in the tank won’t make your tank inhabitants unhealthy and unhappy. As a matter of fact, black lava rocks are less expensive ways to provide your fire feature a classy, lush and fascinating look. Reply. While the purple lava offers the same excellent aquarium biological filtration properties of the red lava, the uniqueness and rareness of this lava makes it a must have for any aquarium enthusiast. Nonetheless, once you are already opening the package, you will smell something nasty; somewhat a chemical-like smell that may irk you. Pisces Pet Emporium is Calgary's most loved premium pet product supplier and sales center. North American Pet’s Sculptured Lava Rock; 6. - *Restrictions apply ... Aquarium Maintenance & Test Kits. They are not merely for beautifying your potted plants, lawn or garden but these are also perfect alternatives for your tank. Your Price $79.99. Two Little Fishies STAX Rock, 20 lb, is a flat, porous oolitic limestone for building layered aquascapes in marine aquariums. Take into account that you have to be careful in making your selections. Inspect if the sizes of the rocks you are eyeing to buy will fit well in your tank. When it comes to the colors, it is highly advised to avoid brushing them too hard when you clean them up. Aquarium Substrates & Decorations. For sure, your tank occupants will love them as they could serve as a better hiding hub for them to use. item 3 Aqua Natural Texas Holey Rock (per rock) - Aqua Natural Texas Holey Rock (per rock) Natural Rock & Wood. Pisces hand picked authentic range of natural aquascaping rock is exclusive in Australia. Penn Plax Stone Replica Aquarium Decoration, Vitality AF135 Aquarium Decorating Cave Ornament. For this reason, the rock wool around the plant roots needs to be removed as completely as possible before the plant is put into the aquarium. Contact Us. ... Pisces 17lb Seiryu Rock for Aquascaping, Aquariums, Terrariums, Vivariums. Many aquarium enthusiasts prefer this brand because its décor can provide visual interest for you and your tank inhabitants. This is a great option to reduce the cost of such factors that make aquascaping quite costly. Outdoor stones, as well as gravel, can be gathered yourself in great outdoors- from dry wash beds, beaches along the lakes and ocean, or from rivers and banks of streams. EVERYTHING PISCES! This is actually glass and not actual stone. More than that, they come in plenty of large sizes which can be broken down to medium-sized chunks through the aid of a hammer or chisel. Moreover, it is formed with proper care and is certified hand-glazed to offer a more natural and attention-grabbing look of perfection. Undeniably, these will be a great addition to your tank! If the rock does not look good, then better leave it there. Founded in 1971, Pisces Enterprises quickly became the market leader in the specialty area of live aquarium plants due to large investment in both human technical knowhow and in state of the art greenhouses, aquatic plant growing facilities, a tissue culture laboratory and an in-house quarantine room, all climate controlled and staffed by leading experts. Furthermore, they look amazing with bonsai in your garden. Bear in mind that it is not suggested gathering stones from the lowermost part of active streams and rivers in wild and safeguarded ecosystems; this is primarily because taking away stones could dislocate or distract natural habitats that plant and fish life rely on. item 2 Pisces Smooth Lava Rock Pack 7Kg - Pisces Smooth Lava Rock Pack 7Kg.