Correct. MTA New York City Transit Authority Bus [E. 126th St] Here we have is a clip of the new service for the M60 on its first day. M60 SBS Stops. Upgrades on the M60 Select Bus Service include off board fare collection, dedicated bus lanes on 125th Street between Lenox Avenue and 2nd Avenue, limited stops, and transit signal priority. Use your transfer for other local and limited routes, but to transfer to the M15 SBS insert your M60 SBS transfer into the MetroCard Care Collector at the M15 SBS bus stop where you plan to board; a ticket will be issued automatically. Service Alert for Route: Effective Friday, November 13 M60 SBS, Q48, Q70 SBS, and Q72 stop for Terminals C/D will be relocated to the inner roadway next to the terminal building. Choose your direction: Select Bus Service (SBS), marked on the buses as +select, is a brand used by MTA Regional Bus Operations for bus rapid transit service in New York City.SBS began service in 2008 in order to improve speed and reliability along multiple long, busy limited-stop corridors. To be clear, the unlimited metrocard will cover your fare for the SBS for sure. M60 125th St - La Guardia SBS - launced on May 25, 2014; M86 86th Street SBS – launched on July 13, 2015; ... What if I pay my Select Bus Service Fare at the Coin Fare Collection machine and then boards the Select Bus Service bus. The signs cost approximately $30,000 each. There are instructions for the SBS buses in the first link in #1 above. The fare for SBS is the same as the subway and local and limited bus service, or $2.75 per trip, but you must pay your fare before boarding the bus. Note: The maximum number of coins accepted for one fare is 25. MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) and the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) upgraded the M60 to Select Bus Service on May 25, 2014 featuring off-board fare payment, dedicated bus lanes, and limited stops. M60-SBS LaGuardia Airport - West Side. In Staten Island: S79. In Manhattan: M15, M34/M34A, M60, M86, M23, M79. M60-SBS bus Route Schedule and Stops. Buying a ticket for Select Bus Service in NYC. The twelve SBS stops on 125th Street (six in each direction) include wayfinding signage and Bus Time arrival information, which will help crosstown riders determine whether to purchase a ticket for the M60 SBS at a fare machine on the sidewalk, or wait to swipe their MetroCards on board a local bus. M60 SBS Plan • Limited Stops on 125th St and in Queens (other routes make all local stops) • Dedicated Bus Lanes from Lenox Av to Third Av • Off-board fare payment • Dedicated commercial loading zones • Additional parking on 124th and 126th Streets. Created Date: The M60 SBS will feature transit signal priority in Manhattan in the future. In Queens: Q44, Q70. The M60 +Select Bus Service. The introduction of Select Bus Service to the M60 will speed trips to LaGuardia and across 125th Street, an often congested thoroughfare that slowed bus rides to a crawl. The M60-SBS bus (Direction: Select Bus La Guardia Airport) has 20 stops departing from Broadway/W 106 St and ending in LGA/ Terminal D. M60-SBS bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:05 AM and ends at … The bus lanes on 125th Street will improve speed and reliability on all 125th Street buses. Select Bus Service via 125th St / Astoria Blvd. But you cannot pay on board (this is the distinction between SBS and regular bus service), you pay the fare using your metrocard at the kiosks at the bus stop, which print a receipt that you need to carry for the duration of the ride in case there is an inspection. You can enter by any door and should keep the proof-of-payment receipt for the duration of the ride in case of a fare inspection (they do happen occasionally - I ride the M60 a lot but have only seen fare inspections within Manhattan). In Brooklyn: B44, B46. If I want to transfer to a connecting local bus, how can I do that?