I would probably never switch over to the Reddit … At a glance, this is going to look similar to a standard bodybuilding workout for legs that you would do at the gym. Note: Once the leg workouts are complete, I’ll be adding that into this article to complete the full push pull legs routine. It combines three workouts: a push workout, a pull workout, and a legs workout – run twice each week. “Some people mention the ‘cage’ is awkward, but I don’t find that at all,” they write. This workout can be performed for up to 12 weeks. That is if you’re bold enough to treat the muscles of your lower body as seriously as those above the waist. Reddit user Eyetron2020 is a huge fan of the Power Block adjustable dumbbells, funky shape and all. You can workout with me, You can use resistance bands and dumbbells with this workout … It's an opportunity to give your joints and spine a break while pushing your muscles hard. 4 Dumbbell Exercises to Help You Build Stronger Thighs. This allows for high workout frequency and a full body split workout while still allowing each muscle group adequate recovery time. Some supporting muscle groups (especially the back and shoulders) are … Work smarter with this quick lower body workout series. Full workout real time, follow along on my YouTube channelJanekate Fitness. Quick LEGS & GLUTES Workout. 4: 1-Leg RDL (Romanian/Stiff-Legged Deadlift) Similar to the dumbbell deadlift we’ve just gone through, this single-leg deadlift variation will really grow and strengthen your hamstrings and glutes, with the added challenge of one leg doing all of the hard work. Workout A. Dumbbell Goblet Squat Related article: The 4-Week Dumbbell Workout Plan Part 3: Legs And Abs. As a result, you’ll train each muscle group at least twice per week. I've personally been on Coolcicada's PPL with some of my own twists for about 2 years now and I've seen great results. Leg Workout. Dumbbells limit the load, but can still provide training stimulus for growth. IMO a lot of Reddit programs are always lacking something whether it be volume, frequency, or just choice of exercises. The first exercise we’re going to cover in a typical push workout for mass is the incline barbell bench press. The differences are: You’ll be performing the same movements as you would with a barbell, but with dumbbells; You’ll be doing higher reps, which is awesome for growth in your quads ; Below are some notes about the workout before you get started: Choosing the right weights for a dumbbell leg workout is what Alexander calls an "art form," because you want to be sure you're getting it exactly right. That’s six days per week. 6 Day Dumbbell Workout Split Overview. Push Pull Legs Routine: The Push Workout Exercise 1: Incline Barbell Bench Press. For Legs and Glutes: Squat. It follows a push/pull/legs workout scheme. There is little doubt that legs day is the toughest and most grueling workout session of the week. How to: Stand on left leg with a dumbbell in right hand, palm facing toward thigh, and left arm at side. Reddit PPL Program Overview.