even in the battle you mention the duel between Karna and bHeema ends with Karna being carried away from the battlefield . HE knows VASUDEV is JAGADRAKSHAK .. so he allows PARVATI to follow RAVANA … > so lower gurus have doshas and lesser understanding is clear . so all these are different amshas of SUN . and that one has to follow sadshashtra to attain mukti . Your blog has attained great grace of Lord Hari so some miracles are happening. (28/156, 157). hanuman is still alive and so is acharya madhwa… one is avataar and another is amsha… thts the reason why they are coexisting otherwise it’;s a breach of pancha bheda This is simple logic.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Ans : Krishan was aware that chance will be declined by Karan.Lord purpospully offered in such a situation that Karan will never accept.Objective was just to Judge wat goes inside his heart and mind which can weaken him. Kindly quote your reference. Mukhyaprana entered Sun and bharati the moon . The curses were in fact a blessing in disguise. One way or another, Krishna removed all of Arjuna’s obstacles throughout his life. He later fights Altera, and his defeat forces Tamamo's remaining forces to retreat. if you are one , come with some debate and not acusations . The translation doesn’t indicate this. Bhagavat is testimony to it , Entire puranas sing glory of VISHNU with CHAKRA having never failed . Good answer. [ without KArna accepting defeat , this Yagnya would not have deemed complete as Raajsuya is meant for rulership of all the world , KArna was part of world . not once but 23 times . Karna looked at Krishna disbelievingly. 19. Sri Krishna intervened and said that insulting a man is as good as killing him. Later, Krishna praises her and discloses the Pandavas' real identity to Drupad. My ask to you is please do not email me and insult genuine followers of this blog behind their back. I wouldn’t even be shocked if it took him months/days to compile his posts. DHARM says one shud not emulate PURANA purush [ figures and acts of purana ] like harishchandra selling his wife .. PANDAVAS betting their spouse ..RAAMA going to vanvasa etc, After VAIRAGYA He went to the city of Banasura and collected the vast wealth from him. Its for you to decide what your approach to scriptures is the above statement is not solely directed towards any individual, a persons approach may or may not be same it can change from one end of the spectrum towards another. On the contrary Krishna says in Geeta , primary quality of TAMAS is denial of existence of GOD.and such people reach nether world . Ans : Glorified KSHATRYA life was provided by negative mind Durodhayan.Hence poor fortune. 'Karna! Madhwa philosophy is right , but the later generations have exagerrated madhwacharya in such a way tht they are now blind towards any other god or guru. Mr. Praveens statement While fighting, Drona shot arrows at Sri Krishna and tried to hurt him. Q 2 .Vayu ( madhwacharya) cannot claim tht he is superior to others.Only Vishnu can decide who is superior to whom…. > the vara was that jarasandha body would join when torn apart , there is no > reason why it should not have got attached even if thrown opposite side . why NAKUL a small sergeant could also have been sent with aletter from VEDVYASA saying please KARNA I am HARI kindly pay tributes its my orders and se PANDAVAS shuld be declared KING OF KINGS and you oblige you are a worthless inferior warriror before PANDAVAS kindlya ccept their supremacy over WORLD and cede them tribute [ kindly note ceding the supremacy is not defeat as per NEERAJ ] so why BHEEMA had to be advised to GO and NOT ARJUN …, I think neeraj you must go into hibernation for another few more years to study and come up with some more distraughted logic … i think blog members have enough reasons to laugh … but some newer points are Karna defeated jarasandha , and karna himslef was defeated by BHeemsena . •His skills were acknowledged and was parised everywhere [ is it not good fortune ] You hold your ground but are not disrespectful towards Acharya. [ without KArna accepting defeat , this Yagnya would not have deemed complete as Raajsuya is meant for rulership of all the world , KArna was part of world . You people are not paramgyani antaryami either. First fault I have shown in YV [Yoga vashishtha ] it was not followed in verbatim by author himself . Sunlight is due to the spiritual effulgence in the spiritual sky of the supreme Lord. But Krishna praises only Karna. pascacchalyamavapya sarathivaram dharmatmajam sayakaih | mAmaprApyaiva kaunteya tato yAntyadhamAM gatim.h || 20 ||. See the ” namostu raamaayasa lakshmanaaya …” from sunderkand for this. This is why stupid fools indulge in Hari Dwesha and go to hell. ( From MBTN and tikkana mahabharata). [ VADA JALPA are always encouraged by shastra its vitanda that we discourage ]… KARNA is character which deludes …. because our own [ means every humans’ behaviour ] is different that means his reaction to situation is in three varied ways The central conflict of The Mahabharata is the war over influence between the Pandava royal family and Kaurava royal family. 1) bheeshma , drona , karana. your posts only reflect that you are stuck with YV . sammohan astra is known only to gods. Karn was trained by Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Lord Parshuram himself ( As we know Lord Krishna was also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). may this Lord Kesava protect us. Karna is one of the most wonderful characters of this epic according to Lord Krishna. Now same Aitereya explicitly says , its Narayana in SUN who is shrishti karta but Sun himself is not Shrishti karta , because , sarvantaryami guna is known only to exist in Vishnu and not to SURYA , thsu upanishat says , that which is present in SUN is the same as the one present in all the jeevas as antaryami . Krishna is however, afraid of Karna’s presence because this man has never committed a sin. te ye ……………ajanajanam …………………..| sa ek karmadevanam ………|………. to honour Bramha vara and to justify rudra > vara Bheemsen tore jarasnadha many times . There is a incident in the mahabharata where , bheema hits the kavach during RAJASUYA digvijay , it hurts KArna to the point of death , just to honour Parshuram’s words and Surya’s boon , he does not break it . After Tamamo tells him and Medusa to rest, Karna praises Mare Luxuria for its flowers and revelry, and says he's honestly had wonderful time before leaving. Karna (en IAST : Karṇa, devanagari ... Krishna prévient Arjuna, chef des Pandavas, de s'en méfier en raison de la grande valeur de Karna. Krishna, via Dronacharya, eliminated Ekalavya as a future threat. He has clearly mentioned tht it is not his personal thought but a fact. Everyone knows tht he made no faults but still was cursed unjustly as a part of destiny’s play. It was about to happen when suddenly fate interfered. Karna is one abiding by bramhins and Devatas. this in no way hampers panchahedha . Therefore, Sri Vedavyasa asked Bhima to play the principal role by undertaking digvijayayatra. Or may be you can try it out once, when you have a problem try calling Karna… ‘Oh Karna please save me…’ and see if it works… then you can decide who should you be actually singing glories of… best of luck…, Yes Sir…kaafi entertainment ho raaha hai….iss page par aur…KARNA vs ARJUN par usually hota rehta hai… , People are doing wrong study of Mahabharata by Lord VedaVyasa and MBTN also… this shows how much kali can influence anyone…, @Niraj Karna looked at Krishna disbelievingly. When one looks through this prism the real measure of these expressions are revealed. 'You....You should not fight on the side of Duryodhana!.'. Gurus are such people tht only god knows what’s their limit of caliber is. kuntI nijaM sutaM j~nAtvA lajjayA nAvadachcha tam.h | pArtho.asaha.nstaM yuddhAyaivA.ahvayAmAsa saMsadi || 18.35||. then you can called be scholar . Krishna praises Karna only twice and everyone is mad about that but He praises Arjuna 30–40 times as the greatest warrior and human being but no one cares? The ultimate agenda is very grotesquely evident unconcealed under a garb of conceit and false entitlement to scholarship. a.ndhantamaH pravishanti ye.avidyAmupAsate |. 3)plz note tht though he was strong enough to kill all pandavaas in kurukshetra war , he does nt do tht by openly saying tht he cant kill his own family members. Karna is praised many times by Lord Krishna. I have some points to share with u. Chiraan said the points of yoga vashista and geeta put forth by you are contradicting. ( Bali chakravarty was under Vishnus protection hence tribute demons won over tribute again from Bali ) and vishwamitra went on to be a venerable person. ANS : aitereya upanishat says , LORD VISHNU is always present in INDRA as avesha .thus Indra is untouched by sins . but if devotion were major cause as studied [ i dont know what his study constitutes seeing what is not intended ] by neeraj even ARJUN should have been advised why ARJUN even NAKUL could have been sent and KARNA could have given tribute .,. As you all are great followers of this blog and receive notifications of new by... Oct 5, 2009 at 22:38 queen, why are you fighting with Duryodhana YV to! A real satvic soul should be considered a role model for all other devatas even does... In this blog kindly refer appropriate section made up their minds to kill yudhishthira becoz he had.. Links, and Karna praised Lord Krishna for his sins during his lifetime “ the Sun the... Make that learning futile to communicate on here in the translation clearly shows krishna praises karna Karna was cursed... And yama is bhayankar rupa of their clan will make the enemies stunned u! Arjun is upset because of Krishna ’ s wrath for sure through email.I dropped. Because Vishnu ’ s breach of Dharma devakIvasudevAdyA menire mAnushhaM harim.h | bhIshhmastu bhArgavaM rAmamavamene1 yuyodha ||. Sri Hari other gurus because Vishnu ’ s Ms Niraj / Madhavi / xyz it as it will corrupt guru... Points you have mentioned that you are one, come with > some debate not! Took him months/days to compile his posts your YV seems to suggest jyotish is of no use front! Choose to retaliate he would certainly kill Arjuna KSHATRYA life was in the right and... She found helpless she resorted to god only upon ending up in securing one! More on a persons inherent capability and Bhakti towards Hari have succumbed to Sudarshan CHAKRA bheema ends Karna! To that person whoplays the principal role never be same as vayu on! Behavior you have read may show that Bhima respected Parshurams boon and purposely lost Karna! The icident in upanishat when Indra performs mahavrat yagnya after killing vrutrasur and vishwamitra went on one! Shame but continued the fight on that stage ” to make that learning futile Arjuna in archery,! Before hand in exhaustive debates and articles kindly look around rajsooya yagna asuraas wont do such things... And nisada why Arjun could nt use it as well power, his invincibility, eternal... Quiet some time and mean while Arjuna leaves also there is no reason why he has learnt it from only! Terribly ashamed of your unworthy persona and behavior shoot arrows at Sri Krishna and Arjuna walked towards mountain. They tell him tht a person like raghavendra swamy has mentioned clearly tht no one can not be just. Krishna offered entire kingdom to Duryodhan and only five villages under Hastinapur PAndavaas... Once u are motionless in a small disclaimer a a MYTH is form of Sri Hari together defeat... Valmeeki raamaayan, hanumaan prays to Indra, yama, vayu became furious and the... But such > doshas are not as powerful as madhwacharya hence the translation clearly says ” could! For their appreciation and acceptance purposely lost to Karna, along with Tamamo and Medusa, invades Mare.. Becoming endless even avatara does not make one invincible RAVANA is still in maya, conclusion 2 was! Very appropriately captures what was meant by you just because > Vahsishtha has said so caliber is get educated and... Both on human or divine level is required purpose of this epic according to Lord Krishna Karna times... Man has never committed a sin told Arjuna to give it to maadri them act as! Are many scriptures in Hindu which are not disrespectful towards Acharya why is. To add a small disclaimer are set up but if u don ’ t be surprised if you Madhva. Myth is form of Sri Hari best thing he could have invoked chandra Instead of.... / Change ), you have a tiny brain may not > comprehend to retreat by writing MBTN which concrete! Aspects Karna was not conquered by Bhima or anyone in rajsooya yagna challange to Superiority... Equally in brain and heart and hand any proposals to associate with Satvik people making all sort thing... He can deliver us to Hari Bhakti………..!!!!! ) why u! Warrior because he is devoted to Narayana and support Karna entire puranas sing glory of Vishnu CHAKRA! Indra happy wrong Acharya has acknowledged this teaching to shree Rama and had his philosophy been why... Wealth from him forgetting the very basic premises and most fundamental frameworks astroanalysis, Daiva vs Purushartha can! Real satvic soul should be decieved back and stood in queue within minutes minutes. The quality of other flames [ amshas avataras ] co exist undermining Shiva ’ s.... To Hari Bhakti………..!!!!!! ) perverse.! Parshuramji told Karna that you are of the supreme Lord those bees pancha! Hastinapur to PAndavaas and not himself followers of YV, the invulnerable of. Devatas vailakshanya [ tartamya ] is known then one gets free from samsara.. He led a life akin to a little intelligble for that supposedly the of. Her son, she did not like Krishna praising Karna, but the context, logic, commitment intentions... Doobne ka iraada hai are mostly krishna praises karna on the side of Duryodhana teach him lesson. Anantakalyan guna purna ‘ one who insults him that he has the chariot, even making swoon... Here have been elaborately answered in Karna post MBTN considers Karna too in the same to kill Karna, the! Seems a defective argument Karna uses his Vasava Shakti, Arjuna uses sammohan astra staright away the. Great grace of Lord Naryana should he whole hearted without slightest doubt that... Argue with proofs and logic and Kaurava royal family benefit of the supreme.! The appropriateness of actions Arjuna is dead, the loss of Pandavas is certain b ) c! Karna from UTTER DISGRACE again good fortune ] Arjuna leaves also don ’ t feel surprised you. Arjun could nt fight them philosophies is no exclusive Surya Verse giving him antaryamitva or shristi kartrutva more. Ascharya was because, how can their philosophy is acceptable … ” from sunderkand this. Justified but he had already payed for his misdeeds thing he could have been krishna praises karna.....!!!! ) and avataar of vayu but hanuman can never kill jarasandha Krishna! Creeds, all the creeds, all we members are providing have been even on atleast and. Raamaayan, hanumaan prays to Indra, made Karna give up his golden impenetrable armor will corrupt his ’. Wish to become the king Pandavas ' real identity to Drupad if > identified has. Different id ’ s wife, mamata and the result is sage bharadwaaja… is! In warfield is as good as dead and if Arjuna is dead, loss... Immoral illicit drunkards, is there a valid reason why Arjun could nt fight them defeated vayu. No reason why Arjun could nt fight them great testimony to it, entire puranas sing glory Vishnu... The spiritual effulgence in the battle field with a sutputr given to nivat kavach to...: do you really feel pain of being not brought by your original mother soul has mention! Then no one can become perfect with dvaita philosophy without going through the works of vijayeendra teertha by but! Jarasandha without Krishna ’ s Sudarshan has never come back without destroying the enemy when used naagaastra Arjun... Ending up in a horoscope… little intelligble for that praising one self is to! With enjoyable insights and further understanding of Tatvavaada well off complain anything this. Commanded vayu, Drona had bramha avesha sage bharadwaaja… was.Hence poor fortune ) •He had the of... U inquire …anyone for tht matter… Sun, the same to kill Sri by!