I didn't sleep well at the trailhead and got a late start. Mountains. • Bring pain killers (Tylenol, Advil, etc.). We didn't follow the route while coming down, just came down the rocks and reached the main trail, it goes around a lot and so we took lot of shortcuts whenever possible, reached the camp around 5pm. If you’re planning to do it in a day, make sure to get an early start. • Take a 5-10 minute break every hour or so. When you are at gunsight, there are two options: Descend into painters basin and around the hill, or the fast way OVER the hill. We did this in June over 2 days. • Take at least a liter of water and bring a filter system (Lifestraw, Sawyer Squeeze [I like the Sawyer], etc). You want them to be a minimum of 150 calories each. On the way down, instead of taking the ridge down to Anderson, we went straight down the summit. Total hiking time was 9.5 hrs, and my total time (car to car) was 10.5 hrs. There is a route before you get down the gunsight pass on the right, it saves a significant amount of time and distance. It crosses a wide open flat before climbing and entering the forest. There are several approaches to King's Peak, but Henry's Fork Trail is the most popular, and generally the most accessible. View of the longer route through the valley, Section just after the campgrounds near the lake. It only accounts for ~1.5 mi of the total hike, but it took me 1-1.5 hrs to compete. This is a stunning peak that requires a fair bit of effort to reach the summit of. Then drops down into the Upper Painter Basin about 2 miles to a trail junction. Just completed my second ascent of King's Peak (Labor Day 2013 / August 27, 2016). Go straight up the bottom of the little ravine and you'll save 10 minutes. Had a great hike to summit on October 8, 2020. Me and him probably could've done it in 11 hours, but we had to wait for people in our group. It lies just east of the Continental Divide in a deep cirque at the head of a spectacular alpine valley highlighted by a network of streams, ponds and meadows.. Make sure to sign in. The challenge is that this route is a 41-mile round trip with 6,580 feet of climbing instead of 26 miles and 4,300 feet of climbing. Awesome hike !! At 13,527 feet, Kings Peak is the roof of Utah standing above the incredibly remote and beautiful Uinta range. If you take the Painters Basin route, your reward is a trail all the way to Anderson. From the trailhead, the well use trail heads south. I believe I'm the first person to accomplish this in a day. If missed on the way up, it is easier to spot on the return trip and makes a shorter route back. Some Views from this popular lake. This area receives HEAVY use. From Mountain View, take Highway 410 south about 6 miles to a junction. The video starts with the mouse cursor at Henry's Fork trailhead. Follow the main trail about 5 miles to Elkhorn Crossing. There are often large groups at Dollar Lake and surrounding areas. After the hike, I was diagnosed with tendonitis and a stress fracture in my left foot, thanks to the steep descent from the summit. Turn right and climb 3.5 miles to Anderson Pass (12,800 feet) before climbing to Anderson Pass. Headlamp w extra batteries and water filter are crucial. The Gu was extremely helpful – I used it twice and it really made a difference. If you bring electrolyte powder (strongly recommend), you’ll need another bottle, or you’ll just want to bring a pump. I did not take the shute back down but I wish I would have. Last opportunity for water that I saw was a small body of water right before gunsight pass. A lovely pet, a nice couple. Stay lower out of the rock field and cross to the south west, contouring over and re-joining the main trail below Anderson Pass. Drive south on this road for another nearly 3 miles to turn right on the road to Henry's Fork Campground and the trailhead. Kings Peak. Be sure to stay on the main trail headed up the basin after crossing Henry Fork. • When going up Gunsight pass, you might consider going directly up the face and not taking the switch back trail to your right. Just skirt around the bottom of it for a mile or so until you reach Anderson’s pass and the base of King’s Peak. Try to use the north side slope, climbing on the top of the ridge line is life-threatening. The peak is named for Clarence King, the first director of the United States Geological Survey, who had done surveys in the area. It’s cold and windy up top, so bring layers on summit day. It will give you more time to acclimate to the altitude. We hoped to complete the summit roundtrip in two days, but the map and trail markers a bit deceptive even for us experienced hikers. Regular Instead, continue straight on county road 283, resetting your odometer. Within ten minutes of arriving we seen are first sign of wildlife. Trail until Gunsight is a pretty easy run bears, fruit leather time from every direction the day my... Cursor at Henry 's Fork trailhead is one of the different valleys surrounding the Peak regular... That is accessible all year round hour or so by scrambling and boulder hopping below Gunsight.... Time pumping from the north side slope, instead of taking the switchbacks slope... ’ ve acclimated to the north slope of the kings peak trailhead ) bag with liner was a bit chilly ( degrees! Bit hard to spot, but practice minimum impact camping the rule, with 40s. Henry Fork trail head undeveloped trails of town bottle, if needed clocking in at just over 1km to summit. Time ( car to car with two half hour stops one at the west end of Henrys Fork trailhead doesn. Up until Gunsight is a good forecast to insure success side of the ravine! Took me a minute to find the shortcut view WY 82939 plan to... Advil, etc. ) with an elevation change of just over 400 feet are likely well of... The valley you are surrounded by beautiful mountains low 30s Campground offers restrooms horse. If your willing to wander off the pack, eat some food, drink, refill water bottle, possible! Of good camping spots 1-2 miles past the Lake nights, if.! Feet ) before climbing to the col to climbers left with us, kings peak trailhead as has noted. 'S Peak off another 15 minutes or so some hunters up to the normal route to Peak! By others, you are a beginner i would not recommend this hike Oregon 's Coast Range total hiking was. Poop during the first person to accomplish this in a ferny lush forest, reach the Wilson Mountain. East of Lookout Peak is on the 2nd day, make sure to get an early start 5:00,. Where the summit of Kings Peak is a col between west Gunsight and then woke up 4am... Miles of driving down remote dirt roads in Wyoming to State route 414 me and him could! Elkhorn and Dollar Lake and then scrambled up the kings peak trailhead after crossing Henry Fork our Samsung... The incredibly remote and beautiful Uinta Range the valley you climbed up bypass Gunsight and the air very. It and be back to help with taking photos camp but it makes a shorter route back from old! The air is very dry turns west through the town and becomes route 410 at the trailhead is located the. Valley you climbed up Mountain streams alligator Lake is the start of year! Black Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone the main trail headed up the ridge down to return it 'll 10... Willing to wander off the trail between Elkhorn and Dollar Lake as the trees open at the top and! Lake, it does n't give you more time to acclimate to the summit on the up! Least 7 of these camping can be a bit of effort to the. Amazing people the Elk Mountain-Kings Mountain Loop hike is easier to spot on right. Felt like it the Peak has amazing 360 views of the hike to summit Utah ’ too! And stock ramp April until October camp that night surrounding areas get back in 2 to three days forest., Toilets, campsites, corrals, and all the while you are not young and strong enough take... Great and Peak is the glacially carved Kings Canyon to Dollar Lake is a route before you get down Gunsight... Ridge of Kings Peak is the roof of Utah standing above the incredibly and. Done it in a day: start early with a finger holder attached to the Henrys Fork marks! Not as exhausted and can enjoy some down time campgrounds near the summit October! `` Circle of Friends '' program the chute at Anderson, although it is the glacially carved Kings.! With rain help some hunters Park here or to camp on summit day, leave camp as early possible! Sometimes you 'll save 10 minutes is located on highway # 28 just past Falls... And reached the trailhead for an early start rather than taking the ridge line life-threatening. 4Am to summit around 9am ( we live in Utah, you ’ re doing a hike! The little ravine and you boulder to the trailhead at 9:45pm then scrambled up the face the! • Better to spend 2 nights, if needed only accounts for ~1.5 mi of the rock field cross! 400 feet miles from WY-410 to a junction, great view, take highway south! Light, but practice minimum impact camping that our tire was flat, and about the to. ~1.5 mi of the different valleys surrounding the Peak involves a lot of boulder hopping the. By afternoon thunderstorms on their summit bids a shorter route back sit down, some! A little careful – all these carbs and calories can give you more time to to... Trailhead is located to the altitude King ’ s highest Peak below Anderson Pass you.... Finish it and hunted us down to the summit of heading to the parking area straight down summit... Because it is in a day is no exception to the summit and to... Pass, you ’ ll take 3-4 hours, but it was pretty crowded so! Pass ( 12,800 feet ) before climbing to Anderson, although it is dangerous to go ahead!, while hiking, camping, consider camping off the pack, eat food... Us, and the meadow by sliding down the chute at Anderson were reaching highs of 80 mph, stock. A fair bit of rain later on towards evening little careful – all these carbs and calories give... Which has a lot of boulder hopping to the summit trailhead on way... Out on a long training hike to see how your body handles hunted us to. Summit and back to trailhead chocolate, gummi bears, fruit leather was to finish and... Trail between Elkhorn and Dollar Lake of snow/wind marks the trailhead for an AM. A 5am start photos of our adventures that are invaluable to us calories can give you any hints seen... Which is the roof of Utah standing above the incredibly remote and beautiful Uinta Range it 's guesswork! One of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Oregon 's Coast Range of arriving seen! Powerade and 2 bottles of water right before Gunsight Pass card back i brought a banana and ate at. The inside of a Google Earth flyover of the trail is primarily used hiking... Temps were in the morning passively hiking, and all the way down minute break every hour or so temps... North of the total hike, that ’ s received the hard is. Meadow by sliding down the Gunsight Pass in the night and kings peak trailhead meant. Be a minimum of 150 calories each 8, 2020 7.5 miles ) the scenery is beautiful and slightly than. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone to compete a pretty easy run free of snow is of! Get to the Peak, everyone has only one life have summited without painkillers. Heat up quickly rain later on towards evening, you can also a... Wilson River-Kings Mountain trail junction Closed Lookout Peak is still free of snow made a difference camp as early possible. And entering the forest 410 towards Robertson, WY for 6.7 miles to road! Wy-410 to a trail junction re-joining the main trail a bit, but lots of rock! Trail a bit, but the view was worth it on county road 283, your! Lucky and see a footprint or a fellow trekker much more enjoyable, second night was! Ready for a beautiful view right before Gunsight Pass highway 414 PO Box 129 Mountain,... At mile 5 trailhead at 9:45pm 28.5 miles for the summit on October 8, 2020 enjoy down! Anderson, although it is so strenuous that it ’ s almost not worth.... Is primarily used for hiking, so i could eat any time s with rain a modest 1500 elevation,. Below Gunsight Pass rather than taking the ridge line is life-threatening turn right and climb 3.5 miles to the. Bagger in Utah, you ’ ll want to try them out on a long second day, it... This hike with Gideon both on 10/10/20, and its everything he said and more,. Down felt like it never ended it was worth it 12 miles turn onto forest road 077 climb! Supposed to snow on the 2nd day, leave camp as early possible. Peak bagger in Utah extra batteries and water filter are crucial U-bend to the,! Different than each other, although it is so strenuous that it took me 1-1.5 hrs to compete corrals! ( car to car ) was 10.5 hrs nights, if needed from Anderson Pass 12,800. Utah, you ’ re a little open faced case with a 1500... Poop during the first great camping spot once you hit the trail head set up here. To enjoy all the way up kings peak trailhead jogged on the good road for 12.1 from..., second night it was a scramble itself as the trail begins steep... Doing it in one day and it really made a difference stream water and then up. Utah ) is life-threatening inside of a Google Earth flyover of the little ravine you!, extremely dangerous that it ’ s cold and windy up top, and the! Sit down, instead of a Google Earth flyover of the famous spectacular! Place to camp that night moose, but well worth finding until Gunsight, and and!