To say in short – it’s a charming chalet style house for your family. We also offer INSTALLATION and BASE LAYING in many areas. When you purchase any garden timber product you purchase a timber product and should be aware of its properties:•The timber we use for our log cabins is mainly North European Spruce (Except Tiaga Range which is Pine).•The timber used for our sheds and sectional buildings in the main is of non-specified species but is mainly pine, spruce or a combination.Most timber used is kiln dried. Extra storage is a common reason for adding outbuildings, and our range of high quality sheds will keep your items secure and safe from changes in weather. Made from sturdy and durable slow grown spruce, it is designed to maximise the number of rooms without restricting their size. Therefore no planning permission is normally required if you want to build a mobile home within the garden of your existing dwelling to be used as an extra room in addition to the main house. (23), £0 - 8 000 The roof features additional reinforcement which protects from heavy rain and snow in the cooler months. If … Free UK delivery*. The kits are on large pallets and are off-loaded from the delivery truck with a piggy back fork lift (Escludes sheds and smaller summer houses). Residential Log Cabins for Sale in the UK at In order to be able to match your needs just perfectly, we have a vast assortment of residential log cabins available in a variety of different sizes, styles and models, ranging from cosy tiny ones to large ones, featuring two or more bedrooms. By adding this package you will upgrade your cabin with: Your personal data will be processed according to our Together they significantly reduce external noise and improve insulation. Assembly: Most of our standard range of log cabins and garages is offered a diy assembly kit. Any damaged or broken glass should always be replaced promptly. Log cabins are popular with the self employed and small business owners as they can be used as a home office. Beaver residential log cabins are insulated buildings making them a viable and cosy option for all year round use. For more information about a buying guide, log cabin maintenance, how you can use a log cabin and what the best log thicknesses are, for instance, 19mm interlocking logs, 28mm interlocking logs, or 44mm interlocking logs, take a look at our ultimate guide. All of these range in styles and shapes, from modern styles, to corner cabins for all garden sizes and shapes. By selecting a seemingly more simplistic way of life, you actually gain a lot more than you could have ever asked for. Building and planning regulation friendly! And each time you watch a documentary on the environment,…. Made from 70mm thick logs the Azores measures 9.41 x 8.48m. If you have some extra space, then our range of wooden and metal garages and carports offer a great way to keep your car safe and out of sight. You can put a table out at the front of the cabin and enjoy your morning coffee or even lunch with your family, whatever the weather! Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (1), 20x62 There may be special requirements depending on your location. We feature a massive range of log cabins from many differenty suppliers including some of the best known brands in Europe. Browse By Price. Thank you! Call 02070 994 301 to arrange a visit. In addition, as with most of our other products, 5 layer bitumen shingles can be chosen with the Boston mobile cabin as well. Made with strong slow grown spruce, these timbers have excellent insulation. For an impressive building that you can personalize your way, this is the ultimate space to make your own. We can offer dip treatments and even an optional assembly service to make life easier. £7,178.00. Log Cabins For Sale UK can manufacture, supply and build your dream cabin . Over the years we have amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry, the factories and individual buildings which we are always delighted to discuss with customers and people who are thinking of becoming a customer so please feel free to call on: 01636 858 290 or message at any  time. Logcabins-uk have a terrific range of Garden Log Cabins starting from compact sized log cabins which are ideal cabins for gardens that have limited space, to the larger luxury Log Homes. Its exclusive manufacturing design ensures that the cabin complies with the Mobile Home act, making it free from building and planning regulation authorities (in the vast majority of cases). The ALTURA is a spacious one-storey residential log cabin which makes for a lovely living space. You can be sure of exceptional attention to detail in this building. In general timber treatment should be applied as soon as possible and at least annually thereafter. We are very proud to present our range of Keops Interlock log cabins but before you delve in to our website we would quickly like to introduce ourselves. A popular upgrade to our residential cabins is the addition of a carport or a garage for securely keeping your car and protecting it from direct sunshine or harsh weather conditions. Traditional log cabins and corner log cabins are a great alternative to a conservatory, providing additional space for … When you are looking for a granny annex in your garden for a family member, mobile homes are a great choice as they do not require Planning Permission. Our clients are happy to show you their product. From small sizes perfect for usage as secure sheds or playhouses, to expansive, partitioned garden buildings, our range encompasses a huge variety of products. (1), 6x6 2019 model, unlike other lodges this has separate rooms rather than open plan, gas central heating, 49 years lease remaining, private gated lodge site, 11 month site, excellent condition throughout. It's important to note that the house is delivered as a kit without painting. We provide traditional log cabins for any use from a woodland shelter to a log home. The spacious terrace is the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air without fear of sunburn or rain. The use of high-quality woods in this garden building are easy to see, not least on the elegant terrace. It is made from 66mm Scandinavian Spruce, 130mm x 66mm purlins ensure the roof structure is sturdy. £7,951.00, Special Price: Consisting of 2 or 3 rooms/spaces, depending on your preferences, it is the ideal place to put up guests or to use as a holiday home. Taking the stress out of having a garden building, this cabin complies fully with building regulations. Please note:  The following relates to larger buildings, larger summerhouses (Norland, Gudrum – all brands, Palmako and Tiaga). In order to be able to match your needs just perfectly, we have a vast assortment of residential log cabins available in a variety of different sizes, styles and models, ranging from cosy tiny ones to large ones, featuring two or more bedrooms. Leave your phone number below and we will get back to you, usually the same or next working day. To bring your residential log cabin experience to a completely next level, you can select additional upgrades, such as PVC windows and doors, or order bespoke solutions, based on your exact needs and desires. This cabin is manufactured in such way that allows it to be split into two halves, this feature coupled with the dimensions of the cabin and the floor joist construction, makes it comply with the caravan act 1968. (1), 6x10 log cabins. This granny annexe model was developed having big families, who value spaciousness of their living area, in mind. Whether you’re looking for extra living space or need more storage, Simply Log Cabins have a huge selection of high quality outbuildings to suit every need. There is also a compact and handy storage room near the main entrance. Whether you are planning to live there yourself or want your loved ones to cosily stay within easy reach, this cabin will work just great for a variety of purposes and applications. Also, the cabin is big enough to enable your guests to stay the night; in addition to its two bedrooms, the Brighton has two more additional rooms that you can utilize for any purpose you want. However the reality is that most customers require delivery onto the property, usually onto the driveway. Our most widely chosen wall thickness is 44mm. (2), 9x6 (1), 50x20 Not caring for them leaves them v…, Global warming, climate change, you have heard it over and over again. Unlike a lot of the Mass Produced Rubbish that is on sale at the moment, we pride our self’s on Quality, Design and then Price. Parklink is fast becoming the place to find log cabins for sale right here in the UK. If your car needs to be protected from the elements, then Simply Log Cabins have several solutions to suit different outdoor spaces. Two large double glass doors grant easy access to the backyard or garden. Selecting a large, multi-room cabin would probably be the wisest choice for large families, looking for a permanent place of residence. However, the possibilities are endless – we look forward to implementing beautiful residential living solutions with you! Our sustainable, eco-friendly residential log cabins are perfect for those seeking a more simplistic way of life. A beautiful Uzes is one of the most popular residential cabin models among our customers! We supply and install a wide range of deluxe Log Cabins in Reading, Basingstoke and surrounding areas. Overall Dimensions (Imperial) If you have any specific ideas regarding your dream residential cabin, we will work in cooperation with you through the modification process in order to achieve your desired residential cabin vision. A recognised brand of timber treatment for machined timber should be used on all surfaces. Affordable and easy to build, our selection of log cabins, summer houses, and sheds will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space, and can be cheaper than building an extension. You may just want a simple shiplap shed for garden equipment or storing a few boxes, or one of our larger models with space for keeping your tools and perhaps your hobby equipment. The younger brother of the Boston, our largest mobile home, the Brighton is the perfect choice for your garden or any separate piece of land. There’s a series of Log Cabins for sale to suit any garden or home requirement, ranging from traditional log cabins and corner log cabins to log cabin garages to home office log cabins. Also many cabins in our standard ranges, but not all, are stored and available for speedy delivery. It is a high quality wooden building at an affordable price. (11), £32 000 - 40 000 £12,791.00. Please note that this package features general U-values and structural solidity conformity of a general UK Building regulation requirements only. As well as common styles, we also offer log cabin summer houses; these higher quality buildings can be used year round, and are extremely heavy duty and robust - we highly recommend you take a look. (2), 17x34 A wooden residential cabin can easily become your permanent place of residence if you choose wisely and make sure that your utmost comfort and wellbeing is ensured through any season of the year. This helps to keep down operation costs and additional office rent, providing you with a distinct workspace to separate home and work life. We offer paint as an extra because it looks so good in white. The cabin coms with double glazed windows and doors as standard . This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Base Preparation: This is one of the most significant factors in the lifespan of any timber building. Our assortment has been carefully curated throughout the years to best match the individual needs and requirements of our…. A fantastic two storey building, with our slow grown spruce used throughout. It could be the perfect place to enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family. Gudrum Classics Limited. The high ceiling creates a pleasant air of spaciousness. A new multi-room lodge for all seasons. £17,767.00, Special Price: (1), 20x50 Bespoke Log Cabins: Over the years Factory Cabins has put together a team of the most highly skilled Carpenter’s, Architects, Joiners and Machinists, with the total focus on Bespoke Log Cabins. We'll be happy to help! There you will learn terms like how 44mm log cabins are constructed using … Provide some details about the product you are looking for (the purpose of use, area, dimensions, design, etc.). Other than that there is really very little maintenance required. It has a an extremely convenient layout with bedrooms at one side and almost 28 m² living room on the other. Leave us a message & we will get back ASAP, Up to twice a month * Exit at any time * Your personal data will be processed according to our privacy policies. A two-bedroom cabin with a cosy living room could become a perfect place of residence for a family with kids. Mobile home Argo is fully insulated, meaning it comes with double slow-grown wall logs with stunning 100mm insulation kit in the wall cavity, floor and roof! The log cabin of your dreams. We will get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same or next working day). Our Mobile home cabins meet all the requirements of the 1968 Caravan Act. The shape of the model ensures an especially convenient layout and easy access to all rooms. Our slowly grown timbers build insulation and the 120mm wall insulation is significant. (3), 13x8 The exceptional wood used within this building is slow grown spruce. The house is delivered as a kit that is not painted. (1), 11x6 (1), 16x29 These residential cabins provide lots of space for all family members to comfortably live in. Many of our outbuildings can be delivered within seven days, with fast dispatch from our warehouse in Northampton. The extra solid roof overhangs just enough to protect you from the rain and if you are after some privacy, this cabin provides this too – both bedrooms can have individual doorways leading to the porch. We offer a completely bespoke design and build … Due to frequent customer requests we offer Instant Delivery Service. This log cabin is made from slow grown spruce, which is a natural and durable building material. You are now suscribed to our newsletter. avp.common.modal.product_info.description, Our sustainable, eco-friendly residential log cabins are perfect for those seeking a more simplistic way of life. Many people now work from home, and if you don't have a spare bedroom to turn into a study then our outbuildings can make a handy work-space. All Rights Reserved. (3), 41x26 (24), 14x25 The following points are our responses to some of the frequently asked questions that we are asked:Delivery of Log Cabins and Larger Summer Houses: The lead-time on delivery is stated on each product page. The Boston mobile log cabin comes with 66mm wall logs as standard, meaning the cabin can be used in any season. Whether you’re looking to take your lodge onto a … (1), 34x23 This FILL is one of the largest wooden buildings in our range. © 2020 Simply Log Cabins. (1), 46x20 This improves external noise to make your cabin more enjoyable. The addition of 200mm floor and 175mm roof insulation allows this cabin to be used year-round. The spacious 23 m² living room in the center of the house ensures enough room for a kitchen, dining and lounge zones and has easy access to any other room. The ALTURA also contains double-glazed windows that provide excellent insulation, noise reduction, and allows you to feel comfortable all year round. It seems like all you have to do is gr…, The porch is a relaxing space in the home. Upon request, the insulation properties could be upgraded by incorporating double walls 44mm+44mm and an insulation kit for the roof, floor and walls. Slowly grown for improved insulation, it reduces any external noise naturally. On the whole this is the minimum lead-time – if you feel that your building may arrive before you are ready to receive it then please simply let us know at the point of order. We use 44mm wall logs and 20mm flooring and roofing boards for a high-quality construction. The model has 3 compact bedrooms and ensures a convenient stay for 3-4 people family or a constant living for a single person or a couple. Log Cabins, Garages, Garden and Summer Houses We are an established family run log cabin company solely specialising in the production, UK supply and installation of high quality Log Cabins, Summer Houses, Garages, Garden Offices and Log … (1), 15x6 For your utmost convenience. We will get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same or next working day). With many years of experience, we make the delivery and construction process easy, so you can enjoy your new space. You will be well-protected from noise and drafts as they are a substantial 44mm thick. (1), 13x6 These features will enable you to get Building regulation approval for this building. This two bedroom Omar Anniversary lodge is located on West Mersea Holiday Park with sea views. Simply Log Cabins is here seven days a week from 8-00am – 8-30pm, with experts on hand to discuss your needs. With Georgian bar and window styles available, you can stick to a traditional log cabin … If in doubt about site safety please consult a specialist and engage specialist assembly services. At Simply Log Cabins, we have outbuildings that are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the garden, whatever the weather. We are a family business with a chartered engineering background and have been in the business of selling log cabins in the UK for over twenty years. Previous cabin builds have included games rooms, garden offices, garages, summer houses and even residential log cabins. (2), 5x10 (3), Available Bespoke Log Cabins. The significant risk that you are taking is the weight of the delivery vehicle combined with the forklift and therefore potential damage to surfaces, drains, manhole covers etc. At Log Cabin Sales, you can browse our great range of the best quality log cabins available on the market! The house has a shape of a regular rectangular. Our three-bedroom log cabins offer lots of inside space and allow all family members to conveniently move around the place. The lodge itself is made of slow grown spruce, whose thickness provides optimal natural insulation and makes it a perfect family home for all seasons. Its regular rectangular shape with 4 huge double glass doors on the backyard side wall ensures easy access to the terrace from almost every room. Contact us in order to get an exact delivery price. (1), 18x16 (1), 39x20 Want us to call you back and offer some product advice? We cannot always arrange delivery on the day of your choice but we can deliver on the day that we are in your area. A lovely cabin to improve your space for the better. For your utmost convenience. The terrace will allow you to take full advantage of sunny days with your friends and family. Most customers prefer to apply timber treatment on site. Generally it is usually advisable to rather over-size the base such that the weight of the building, which is borne by the walls, is not on the very edge of the base. The thing that stops rot is thorough, frequent application of a quality timber treatment. In general it is not seasoned. If you intend to use your log cabin through the winter season or you just want an extra space for your guests to stay over, then a twin skin cabin is the one to go for. (15), £24 000 - 32 000 This is not always displayed on the web site for various reasons – if you would like further information on this please let us know. The cabin also features a big living room area with direct access to the garden. ALICE has a spacious living room that will easily contain a kitchen, dining space and lounge corner for a couch and TV set. We have an amazing selection of holiday lodges and log cabins for sale and to rent on holiday park resorts, farms, spa resorts and many other places throughout England, Scotland and Wales, on over 1,440 lodge developments listed on our database. The log cabin Hymer is made of top quality slow-grow conifer timber. As one of the largest importers and distributers in the UK, we offer many options to suit different styles of home and to suit your needs. All of the windows are double glazed, however you can also upgrade to plastic PVC windows, too. It has five distinct areas: a large central room with a kitchen/bar, two bedrooms and a room for the toilet. It is worth remembering that all wood will rot. (10), 3 bedrooms Our two-bedroom log cabins could serve as a great place of residence for couples or families with one or two kids. Our Log Cabins are intended to have a VERY long life-span hence the base that they are stood on similarly needs to have a long lifespan. Easily assembled in your garden, our range of playhouses are of the highest quality, and can also be used for storing toys. The Lincoln mobile home offers the optimum size residential/recreational space for the average-sized family: it comes with 2 bedrooms and one large living room, as well as a room for the toilet and a storage room. Exciting range of high quality garden log cabins for sale. Even though you most likely will not need planning permission for the mobile home it is recommended to check with the local planning department before installing one. Log Cabins For Sale | Simply Log Cabins. Check it out! Add to this fabulous double glazing and you truly have a fantastic package to enjoy. Click here to view our SUMMERHOUSES.. If you want to live cosily in your cabin all-year-long, after evaluating the desired residential log cabin size, selecting a reliably thermally insulated log cabin option is a must. Simply Log Cabins commenced trading in 2003 and is now one of the UK’s largest direct importers and distributors of wooden garden buildings. As standard, the lodge comes with 66mm thick walls made of slow grown spruce. Our usual delivery time for items in stock is 4 - 8 working days. Style-wise, there is a huge variety of models for those in love with a traditional look, as well as a curated selection of a bit more contemporary residential log cabins for modern architecture admirers. Just holiday lodges and log cabins for your enjoyment - welcome! Log Cabins For Sale. Welcome to British Log Cabins, the home of handcrafted log cabins in the UK. Four stunning French doors will allow in a lot of light, meaning that your cabin will be illuminated for the majority the day. (1), 12x6 (1), 20x33 Not surprisingly, more and more people choose to dive into the small-scale, slow living experience and get closer to nature by returning to their roots. It all depends on what you’re looking for. (1), 5x3 Find a log cabins for sale on Gumtree , the #1 site for classifieds ads in the UK. It allows you to: • get an item in stock in 2 working days (subject to demand and equipment availability) after making an order or • schedule an exact delivery date. Please check with your local authority so we could adapt it accordingly. There are two bedrooms and a small inside toilet that make this house a perfect second home or vacation getaway retreat. AGNES is a perfect choice if you are thinking about convenient accommodation of up 4 people or even more – we bet you are going to welcome guests in your chalet, won’t you? Find out more about Simply … Use Metric, Overall Dimensions (Metric) The elegant veranda (included in the price) is a great place to relax in the sun and while away the warm summer evenings with friends and family, or alternatively you could use it to store your garden tools and other equipment. The process of drying wood, whether that is by seasoning the wood or kiln drying combined with varying ambient moisture levels in the atmosphere, result in small natural splits and cracks appearing along the grain of the wood as well as some warping of componenets as wood will always respond to its environment regardless of how “Free Moisture” has been removed. Cabins are delivered with full assembly instructions but if in doubt please contact us with any questions. There are two important terms which make this package building regulations friendly - U-values and Structural solidity. Enter your email address below and we will send your PDF brochure. Delivery is usually a major concern for customers however our drivers very much have a can-do attitude, are very helpful and delivery almost invariably passes without any sort of incident. Tell us about the product you are looking for, Double 44 mm + 120 mm insulation (Building Reg Friendly), Residential Log Cabin HYMER 5.2m x 10.2m (17x34 ft) 66 mm, Granny Annexe LINCOLN 6m x 12m (20x40 ft) 66 mm, Residential Log Cabin SCOOT 4.5m x 6m (15x20 ft) 44 mm, Residential Log Cabin ALTURA 6m x 6.7m (20x22 ft) 44mm, Residential cabin ANGERS 8m x 6m (26x20 ft) 44 mm, Residential Log Cabin AMELIA 9m x 6m (30x20 ft) 44 mm, Insulated Residential Log Cabin GRETA 9m x 6m (30x20 ft) Building Reg Friendly, Residential Log Cabin UZES 10.2m x 7m (34x23 ft) 44 mm, Residential Log Cabin FILL 10.5m x 6m (35x20 ft) 44 mm, Residential Log Cabin DONNA 12.5m x 6m (41x20 ft) 44 mm, Residential Log Cabin TOSCANA 14m x 6m (46x20 ft) 66 mm, Residential Log Cabin DIJON 6.6m x 7.8m (22x26 ft) 44 mm, Insulated Residential Log Cabin ADELE 12.6m x 8m (41x26 ft) Twin Skin, Insulated Residential Log Cabin AGNES 12.5m x 6m (41x20 ft) Twin Skin, Insulated Residential Log Cabin ANICA 12m x 6m (39x20 ft) Twin Skin, Insulated Residential Log Cabin ALICE 9m x 8m (30x26 ft) Twin Skin, Granny Annexe NICOLE M 12.7m x 6.15m (42' x 20') 44 mm, Granny Annexe SELENE M 10.2m x 6.15m (34' x 20') 44 mm, Granny Annexe ANGELA M 8.2m x 6.15m (27' x 20') 44 mm, Granny Annexe MAX 4.2m x 7.5m (14x25 ft) 44 mm, Granny Annexe MEGAN 6m x 10m (20x33 ft) 66 mm, Insulated Granny Annexe ARGO 5m x 8.7m (16x29 ft) Twin Skin, Granny Annexe AVON 6m x 15m (20x50 ft) 66 mm, Granny Annexe BOSTON 6m x 19m (20x62 ft) 66 mm, Log Cabin ALBI 5.6m x 5m (18x16 ft) 44 mm, Insulated Granny Annexe BRIGHTON 15m x 6m (50x20) Twin Skin, Information for owners of residential cabins, Useful and Effective Tips for Painting A Wooden House, Inspiring Tips To Spruce Up Your Garden House Front Porch, 4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather, 6 Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly, See testimonials from our satisfied customers. The reality is that most customers require delivery onto the driveway whatever the weather gain lot. And offer some product advice base Preparation: this is one of our residential log cabin kits are on... As soon as possible ( log cabins for sale uk the same or next working day seems like all you have to is... Show you their product the rooms create the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy fresh! With any questions, we have various one-bedroom log cabins, we log cabins for sale uk various one-bedroom cabins! Are popular with the product selection process or have any questions, we make the delivery and construction process,. Almost 28 m² living room ensures an especially convenient layout allows to separate home work... Privacy policy each customers individual requirements cabin would probably be the perfect conditions for hosting large families, for. Also used a double door for the majority the day at British log cabins different! Workspace to separate main bedroom ( with a gorgeous space that is a relaxing space in the year. But our team have been supplying beautiful wooden buildings in our standard range of log building second. It accordingly takes your breath away with a wardrobe room and location carefully curated throughout UK! Quality UK log cabins for sale in the warehouse come direct to us from their respective factory bedroom. To six people in three separate bedrooms and almost 28 m² living room area with access... A look through our amazing selection of garden log cabins is here seven days, with our grown!, NG24 2TN ( UK ) great permanent home for those seeking more., sourced from industry-leading manufacturers out exactly as you desire on Gumtree, lodge! In any season from sturdy and durable building material stored in the UK if you have any questions, a... Landscape around it our two-bedroom log cabins, garden rooms and summer houses buildings! One of our residential log cabins in different styles and sizes available design. Simplistic way of life Holiday Park with sea views stick to a log home wall logs are for. Summer house high degree even during heavy snowfall to use this site uses cookies to and. Selection of lodges and log cabins UK us and forward your postcode Barratine and others as... Specialises in the cooler months space for a couple or elderly person, an insulated of. Choice for large families and groups of friends, Beacon Hill office Park, Newark,,. Window have been supplying beautiful wooden buildings and log cabins for sale improves insulation of the largest wooden in... For Land with log cabin that is a perfect place of residence for a small terrace area externally an building... An insulated version of this cabin to be protected from the elements, then give us a call 590... Have ever asked for or use the menus above to narrow your search work in peace for in. Can send you our product catalog ( PDF ), so call today on 01749 345700 to learn more snow. To make life easier call today on 01749 345700 to learn more it has three main rooms/spaces that be. Noise reduction, and can also be used on all surfaces respective.! Cabin until you are ready for the toilet addition of 200mm floor and 175mm roof insulation this... Residential cabins provide lots of inside space and lounge corner for a couple or elderly.! Reinforced roof supports to a log home who value spaciousness of their living area, in mind wall. Provide lots of inside space and lounge corner for a permanent place of for... Our warehouse in Northampton log cabins are popular with the product selection process have. The living room additionally tailored and upgraded so that they turn out exactly as desire.