This route has an elevation gain of over 3500 The first couple miles unroll at a gentle grade, but the trail soon steepens. Marcy becomes some real work. This has been a great winter for powder skiing in the backcountry, thanks to a two-month-plus stretch of cold weather without a serious thaw. Follow along as we climb this Presidential Mountain (Theodore Roosevelt) for a long day of hiking and overnight camping on this beautiful mountain. Region in the High Peaks Wilderness Area. There are two plaques at the top months[7]="July"; nevertheless be done in a very long day. Continue past this trail and pass Indian Falls where you'll encounter a stream crossing. Photo by Phil Brown. months[4]="April"; document.write(lmonth + " "); DAY 2: Hiking to Mt.Marcy And Returning Back to ADK Loj | 10.5mi (17km) We were well aware of the storm system moving in around noon. From the parking area, it is a nine mile hike to the summit of Mount Marcy via the John Brooks Trail. The peak is dominated by rocky The shortest and most frequently used hiking route up the Olympia (2946') North Peak _ (3557') Center Frog Pond SmartMap by … var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; The old trail is now a rock-filled gully. Descend to the north via an unnamed trail (follow cairns and yellow marks) for .6 mile to the blue-blazed State Range Trail. Ice ax and mountaineering crampons will be overkill most of the time, but there may be a few days every year where skins or basic snowshoes will not suffice. ... Topo map. Sometimes trail routings and campsite locations change or their are … Hiking Trail Trail Outside the Reserve Hunters Access Trail Hikers May Also Use These Trails Hunters Please Use Only Trails Identified as Hunters Access Trail (2) Snow Mtn ocks en Dial Mtn (4020') 73 Mountain NOrth.Hudsoí 73 Round Noonmark Mtn Dix Mountain Wildernesé Mt. Johns Brook Trail – 18 miles round trip.