This detox smoothie is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The sauce is made with canned coconut milk, curry paste, and tomatoes, while the meatballs are infused with flavor from lemongrass and fish sauce. If you want to avoid additives, you can make coconut milk in your own kitchen. Optional: add sweetener to taste. Soups. Plain Greek yogurt can be used as well, you may just want to … Unsweetened almond milk – or unsweetened coconut milk for a strawberry coconut keto smoothie; Heavy cream – or coconut cream from a can to enhance the coconut flavor of your drink; Erythritol – or xylitol for sweetness. Variations: Higher Calorie: Add a tablespoon of coconut butter or coconut flakes before blending. Simple Red Lentil Curry; Spicy Sambal Noodles with Tofu; Coconut Lime Butternut Squash Fried Rice Serve over rice noodles for a complete meal. Use coconut milk on its own, or in addition to fresh coconut to enhance that coconut flavor even more. Find out why creamy coconut milk deserves a place in every kitchen. Use coconut milk in any smoothie, or try this recipe for a healthful, green coconut milk smoothie. Coconut– Use coconut milk and swap out half the avocado with frozen coconut chunks. Ingredients In A Strawberry Coconut Milk Smoothie Coconut milk Frozen strawberries Almond butter Low carb sweetener (optional) Coconut Water: Smoothies require a bit of liquid, so throw in ½ cup of coconut water! In order to make this zesty smoothie, all you need is 310 Organic Unflavored or 310 Organic Vanilla, canned coconut milk ice cubes, unsweetened coconut milk, unsweetened coconut flakes, lime juice, and ice, if you so desire. For a thicker shake chill your coconut milk before hand and add more frozen strawberries. At the grocery store, you can buy coconut milk canned or in a carton. Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipes. Adjust consistency as desired. You can substitute an almond/coconut milk blend for a lighter version (and still keep the tropical coconut flavor). For a thinner shake use room temp milk and add fresh strawberries OR dilute it with yogurt, juice or milk. ADD COCONUT MILK TO SMOOTHIES. Paleo, Whole 30, Dairy Free. The smoothie can be stored like this for up to 6 months. For a thicker consistency, use more coconut milk and less almond milk. With only three pure ingredients – coconut milk, guar gum and water – this non-dairy alternative packs a wholesome punch. The orange juice concentrate adds thickness to this smoothie. Fresh ingredients make for a nutritious, easy and tasty vegan breakfast that’s ready in 5 minutes. You can use coconut milk to make some awesome coconut milk smoothie recipes! If I have a scant amount of coconut milk leftover (1/4 to 1/3 cup), I’ll add it to a smoothie. You can use the coconut milk in my green smoothie, red beet smoothie, or blueberry smoothie. A rich creamy keto avocado smoothie made with ginger and turmeric. Blend until smooth, if smoothie is too thick you can add a small amount of water to thin it out. You can make coconut milk at home. 1/2 frozen banana , cut into coins for easy blending (47 grams) Check out our favorite ways to use a can of coconut milk for whatever you're craving. Frozen Keto Berry Shake. Substitute coconut milk as a base for any creamy soup (full-fat canned coconut milk … This healthy breakfast smoothie can be made with fresh or frozen fruit and has good amounts of protein and fiber. July 10, 2016 at 11:57 am. The extra bit of ice adds more texture and a “slushee-like” consistency that's perfect on a hot summer day. Canned coconut milk is extremely versatile, so we rarely leave the supermarket without it. It looks delicious, but I just figured the calorie count and … 2. Also almond milk is very low in protein unlike regular cow’s milk, so do not use it as a source of protein and add other sources of proteins such as eggs or pea protein to your morning smoothie. Typically, if a recipe is calling for ‘coconut milk’ and does not specify, you can safely assume it means full-fat coconut milk. You can thin out the smoothie by adding a splash more coconut water. Almond milk, oat milk, etc. Blend on high speed until smooth. Coconut cream is typically used in desserts or other high-fat recipes. Sugar free and high in good fats, its perfect for those on a healthy low carb keto diet. 3. Canned coconut milk is more likely to be used in the cooking process, while coconut milk in a carton is often used to drink and may contain more sweeteners. Meatballs in tomato sauce may be a classic, but this recipe puts a Thai spin on it. Honey Vanilla Greek yogurt. This smoothie looks like a guilty pleasure, but it's actually … You can replace this with stevia drops too. Head to my keto sweetener converter to learn how! Coconut milk is high is saturated fat and calories, so I would use it sparingly and go for light kind if you are using canned coconut milk. Canned coconut milk also comes in the form of coconut cream with 100 percent fat content. When ready to enjoy your smoothie, simply remove it from the freezer and place it back into your … may be used too. I can't get enough of this high protein superfood smoothie recipe, which features coconut milk. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie is a refreshing beverage made from orange juice concentrate, coconut milk and canned pineapple. Lite Coconut milk. Optionally, add ice cubes to make the beverage thicker. You can also use milk or coconut milk. Higher Protein: Use soy milk instead of almond milk … The flavors of the orange juice and pineapple are the strongest flavors. Learn More. Optional: Finally, customize your smoothie with yogurt, mango, or even lime juice. You can also play around with how thick you would like your coconut strawberry smoothie. You can also use milk or coconut milk. It helps balance out spiciness in savory dishes and adds creamy richness to our favorite sweet treats. MORE DISHES USING COCONUT MILK. A Berry Oat Smoothie with Coconut Milk is the perfect start to your morning. Instructions In a blender jug, add banana pieces, frozen mango chunks, frozen pineapple chunks, canned coconut milk and coconut water.